PI: Ian Norfolk

G.A.V.R.T. Radio Astronomy

Radio Astronomy Primer

Dani B.
We need to establish a schedule for collecting data with GAVRT. Dani will create a white paper on radio astronomy.
Research: Deep Space Network, Goldstone Apple Valley, E&M spectrum, Radio Astronomy


2016 – 2017

Josie B.
Aidan S.

Overview: GAVRT (Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope)


Figure 1: Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope at Sunset Image: NASA

is a student operated, 34 meter radio telescope. Researchers, like Josie and Aidan, use radio telescopes to communicate with probes and satellites and to discover radio signals. Doing so allows scientists to know more about our solar system and to better understand what lies beyond. Specifically, Josie and Aidan observe variable black holes, nebulae, and radio galaxies.


Figure 2: GAVRT and Goldstone Apple Valley


Plans: Josie and Aidan operate the telescope on a bi-weekly basis, and have observed the same variable black hole, as well as observing nebulae, radio galaxies and moons of jupiter.



NASA-GAVRT: https://www.nasa.gov/directorates/heo/scan/communications/outreach/students/Accordion1_text.html