January 25, 2019
I emailed Cliff Baldridge who works in YouTube Operations and Google AdWords Advertising Manager inviting him to InnovatED.LA. I met him at the ImmersED Conference, he replied saying he would like to. He will be provided a table to present at.


January 22, 2019
Today Wildwood held ImmersED Conference. Remy, Colin, Joe, and myself were hosts to the guests. There were about 15 innovators who were there to see what Wildwood was doing, what WISRD was doing, and to show off the work they had achieved along with promoting themselves/their company. We started the night by presenting as they came by our tables. I discussed with people my projects with Metaverse and displayed and then them walks through the different tours and scavenger hunts I had created. Later in the night I did a larger presentation to everyone showing my success with Augmented Reality. I then stayed after the presentation and walked the guests with Joe through the WISRD Space.


January 15, 2019
Today an AR/VR Workshop was held at Wildwood and Remy and I hosted. Educators came to Wildwood wanting WISRD to present and discuss ways to use AR/VR in the classroom. I presented for about 15 min, including a demonstration about how to use Metaverse and Google Vision. After the presentations Remy and I showed the groups the WISRD space. overall I think it was a great conference.


September 28, 2018
Toady the AR Metaverse Wildwood Tour got published!!

I have to make a few final adjustments but Admis