Today I designed a holder for the various wires in the lab. I had to use calipers to find the width of the wire and to measure the screws so I could create screw holes. I created two holes on smaller in diameter and above that one I created a slightly large one so the screw could sit flush in the wire holder. file:///Users/chance/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202021-09-23%20at%207.50.37%20PM.png

I helped Wills and Mathew finish tasks that other WISRD members had requested.

I chose “Can Wildwood School theater sets be easily created and staged in virtual reality” because I think that it would be really cool to create an entire set with VR. Because wildwood has a new theater I think that the sets you can build are endless. Building sets for shows is a process and it takes time which sometimes you don’t have. Being able to pick parts and easily snap them together makes making a set so much easier. Another problem is knowing what parts you have and don’t have. In VR you can log all the parts and dimensions of platforms that you have so you are able to go to a menu and select what parts you want.