White Paper 22-5-22

AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) power work in different ways. DC power moves in only one direction while AC moves back and forth approximately 60 times a second. DC power can only go relatively short distances compared to AC where it has a longer reach.

Let’s say you have a dam which will represent a battery. The water, which it is holding, represents energy. Once the battery is hooked up, the energy will flow out of it at a consistent rate. So we have a big big dam and it is holding big big water which will flow out at a consistent rate when the dam is opened. Now AC power is like an ocean where the waves are washing up and down the shore. 

DC is used in many different ways. One common usage is charging your phone. It is sending a direct current from the wall socket to the phone to charge it as quickly as possible. AC is used to send power long distances for it is more efficient than sending a direct current. This is why a high voltage AC current is used in power lines and electric rail networks. AC and DC power work in dissimilar ways, but they are both equally useful in everyday existence.
link to AC v DC power white paper

Bellow is my first initial design for radio telescope mount.

Today I received the switch and figured out how the switch works. I was able to wire up the cables so that I can turn a light on and off no matter which way the switch goes. This is important because in order for the motor to be turned on clockwise and counterclockwise it needs to be able to switch on twice. I can reverse the way the motor spins by reversing the wires. see img bellow.

Today I started to figure out what motors I am going to use. as well as figuring out what motors I am going to use Joe and I started to figure out how to connect the pulley, motor. and lazy sussan.

This Weeks Agenda:
Get the belt pulley system working
See if anyone can work an Arduino system to control the system remotely. (Turn it on and off)
Figure out how to raise the turn table
Gather a list of belt pulley systems
Figure out how to get power to the motor
How to prop the turn table up
How to get tension in the belt

Today I wrote a paper on AC vs. DC motors are. Next class I will be figuring out how turn the lazy sussan with the motor.

Today I figured out what belt pulley system I may use next WISRD session I will figure out how to turn the lazy Sussan slowly.

Today I figured out what rod I need in order to bend it into a tube ring so we can have a stable track.

Today i spent 15 minutes figuring out how to log into on-shape and why it wasn’t sending me a confirmation email then i spent 45 minutes figuring out how to put shapes into on shape but ended up with nothing and no time left to do anything else.

I started to design a turn table design for a telescope that is currently being built. It is currently in its first draft and will be pitching it to joe as soon as possible.

Today I helped the wind tunnel group build their wind tunnel. We have screwed 3 sides down to the frame and sanded down the panels so that the frame would look nice.

It has been a while since I last wrote in my journal but I am ready to get back on track. Today I changed the drill bit to a smaller drill bit we went from a 1/4 inch drill bit to a 1/16 drill bit. I have cut out a small circuit board and everything went really smoothly. I changed the cut settings manually and it cut out perfectly. The reason I bring this up is that in the past I have had issues with the drill bit shaping and the cuts not being the right size.

I finished the project by mounting it to the wall and this was the final piece.

I ended up not being able to cut out the wire holder so we ended up using the Circular Table Saw. After that I was able to assemble the wood I was using to mount to the wall and 3 screws to secure the two pieces of wood together.

I re-designed the wire holder so that you can CNC it without cutting through the clamps. You have to cut the piece in two different cuts the first cut you make the wire slots and the second cut is to cut the wire holder to the right length. I have completed the first step and will complete the second part in class tomorrow.

The design is done all that needs to happen is for the wood to be prepped than we can put it in the CNC and carve it.

We finally got the CNC back in the shop and Im using it to finish the wire stand. I had to re design the wire holder. The design is mostly the same but it is optimized for a CNC machine.

I finished the computer stand and is now being used in the lab. I would need to improve the design a bit better the screw I used was a bit short and I couldn’t tighten it properly. I would need to get new longer screws so that I could tighten it better so the computer does not swivel around.

I have been doing different tasks for WISRD today I was building a wood stand for the computers that WISRD has. I learned how to use the handheld circular saw and the electric sander. I am almost done with the build and I just have to sand down one side of the piece of wood. After that I have to drill a couple of holes so that I can put a screw in to screw the computer to the stand.

Today I went through all the drill bits and reorganized the mechanics draws so that all the tools were easily accessible.

In WISRD they have this black Mechanic drawers and it was originally shoved with supplies. So I decided to organize it. I found this wire motor and it runs off a simple magnet I also found two unknown devices.

Today was a slower day I had to tweak the design so it could fit in the 3D printer. It was slightly complicated because I had to keep the slots the same size so that wires can still fit in the slots and the screws in the screw-holes. While i could have grouped it and re-sized it that would have changed the dimensions of the slots. I had to ungroup it so I could change the size of the baseboard with out it affecting the slot sizes and the screw hole sizes. After I had several trails that failed but I finally found a size that would work. In the end I had to shave a couple inches off the original design.

Today I designed a holder for the various wires in the lab. I had to use calipers to find the width of the wire and to measure the screws so I could create screw holes. I created two holes on smaller in diameter and above that one I created a slightly large one so the screw could sit flush in the wire holder.

I helped Wills and Mathew finish tasks that other WISRD members had requested.

I chose “Can Wildwood School theater sets be easily created and staged in virtual reality” because I think that it would be really cool to create an entire set with VR. Because wildwood has a new theater I think that the sets you can build are endless. Building sets for shows is a process and it takes time which sometimes you don’t have. Being able to pick parts and easily snap them together makes making a set so much easier. Another problem is knowing what parts you have and don’t have. In VR you can log all the parts and dimensions of platforms that you have so you are able to go to a menu and select what parts you want.