I downloaded a Raspbian OS ISO file and copied it to the WISRD server. This version incorporates Linux kernel 5.10.63. The ISO file can be found in the directory assets/IT/Raspberry_pi under the name 2021-10-30-raspios-bullseye-armhf-full.img.


I have been learning as much as I can about GNURadio, and I have recently created an FM Transceiver which I demonstrated at the WISRD Fall Poster Night, for which I created a poster explaining many aspects of Software-defined Radio and GNURadio. I have also been studying to get my Amateur Radio license with the resource of this video and the website hamexam.org.


Currently I am working on learning more about GNU Radio. I am going to start studying to get a Ham Radio license (Here), which will allow me to broadcast signals over a certain spectrum of frequencies. Later, I might be working on an exoplanet detection project, but that will not be for a while. Radio has always interested me, as there is a lot of math, physics, and computer science that goes into creating uses for it.


Created python code for an AM transmitter and receiver on a Linux Mint virtual machine using the GNU Radio Companion. I am going to test it out as soon as I can.


Started learning about GNU Radio. I am going to try and set up an AM transmitter and receiver using virtual machines running a GNU/Linux distribution, most likely Debian for its stability.