On Monday at the Spring Poster Night, I helped present the Hydroponics Group’s poster. I explained the Hydroponics sensors and our water level alert system. A couple of weeks ago, Nikita Petrenko and I finished our white paper on the water level alert system. In there, information can be found on how to maintain the system, and how we created it in case anyone needs to rebuild it from scratch.


A couple of days ago I finished the alert system for the Hydroponics group. It has been tested and works well. Now, Nikita Petrenko and I are going to write a white paper on how we built the system, and how to maintain it.


Recently I have been working on an alert system for the Hydroponics group. My system is a python program that reads a .csv file for when the values outputted by their water level sensor are over a certain number, then utilizes a bot that sends a message via the chat platform Discord to the members of the Hydroponics group. I have been working on this project with Nikita Petrenko, who has done the coding for setting up all of the sensors and logging the data in a .csv file.


I downloaded a Raspbian OS ISO file and copied it to the WISRD server. This version incorporates Linux kernel 5.10.63. The ISO file can be found in the directory assets/IT/Raspberry_pi under the name 2021-10-30-raspios-bullseye-armhf-full.img.


I have been learning as much as I can about GNURadio, and I have recently created an FM Transceiver which I demonstrated at the WISRD Fall Poster Night, for which I created a poster explaining many aspects of Software-defined Radio and GNURadio. I have also been studying to get my Amateur Radio license with the resource of this video and the website hamexam.org.


Currently I am working on learning more about GNU Radio. I am going to start studying to get a Ham Radio license (Here), which will allow me to broadcast signals over a certain spectrum of frequencies. Later, I might be working on an exoplanet detection project, but that will not be for a while. Radio has always interested me, as there is a lot of math, physics, and computer science that goes into creating uses for it.


Created python code for an AM transmitter and receiver on a Linux Mint virtual machine using the GNU Radio Companion. I am going to test it out as soon as I can.


Started learning about GNU Radio. I am going to try and set up an AM transmitter and receiver using virtual machines running a GNU/Linux distribution, most likely Debian for its stability.