Minor update on the build: more progress has been made to build this mount as quickly as possible. At the moment I am at a good place to say that we should still have this done by Wednesday, if not Friday morning. See below the progress made on the mount.


Minor update on the mount build: progress seems to be coming along well. I should most likely have this done by Saturday but most likely Next Wednesday.  needed to get a new drill because the current one was working a tad slow and was not able to parallel with our necessities.


I have returned to WISRD and have new projects. My current project I am working on is creating a mount for a telescope. Having all of the tools necessary for its construction, I will start on it tomorrow. The second project I have been assigned is to help weather-proof the exoplanet detector, to be held at Mt. Wilson. I am in contact with other WISRD members and we are finding the most optimal way to weather proof it through different attempts. The goal for today is to set up a time for tomorrow in which I can go and build the mount, as well as discuss with my peers about the weatherproofing of the detector.


Hello everybody, and happy new year. Since the last time I journaled, my group and I have finished the prototype build and we are waiting on presenting the project to our school’s facilities so we can have a designated spot to work on the lift. Once we accomplish this, we will be able to order a parts list mostly made up of wood, and some metal pieces. hopefully, we can finish this project by the end of March and have this whole ordeal out of the way.


Hey everyone, hope you all have a great winter break and a happy new year. As of last time I journaled. We have continued to work on figuring out the best ways to raise our build to the requirements. A goal I want to set for myself is to have the lift finished by the end of the month of January. I think this goal needs to be set because we haven’t really gotten back into work as much as we were doing.


Hello everybody, Since my last update on this blog, my team and I have completed the lift’s prototype and we are configuring it to see how many ways there are to raise it up the most efficiently.

Above is a picture of our math used to see what is needed to raise the lift to a certain point. Hopefully we will be able to get this entire project done by the end of December.


Hey everyone, Since my last journal post we have made some accomplishments, We have assembled the prototype for our lift fully and we are now in the stage of connecting the top and bottom to the moving parts. We have a motor set up to move the lift up and down but we have not connected it yet. This week and next week, I plan to work on getting the lift to move smoothly and connect the top and bottom so we can start on the real lift.


Hey everybody, since my last update, a lot of things have been done. We have created schematics for the lift and we are creating it with a CNC machine and 3d printer to create the pieces. We have almost created our full prototype and there is more to come.


Good Day everyone, long time no see. I am back at WISRD and our group has a new project at hand. Our project is to create a scissor lift for our school tech crew. We started this project off by gathering some basic measurements from the tech crew. Then, we looked at a mini-module of a lift and tried to replicate our own with wood. To do this, we used a CNC machine, or laser cutter, to create our pieces. I am glad to be back and I will keep you all updated.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while. At the moment, we are currently focussing on one project. We are working on a weather balloon by 3D printing parts for it. The balloon will be launched soon and it is very exciting. I have also been helping our hydroponics group with their work too, printing them water resistant caps for their tests. Sadly, as the school year comes to an end, there will be no more projects for a while. This will be my last project and Journal entry for this year.

Howdy everyone, since the 9th, a lot has been done. We team and I have fully completed the Escutcheon project, fully printed, sanded, and drilled to perfection. Our next project has not been decided yet but we are in the process of making up the price for our 30 Escutcheons. Everything is going according to plan

4 / 9 / 18
Hello everybody, It has been way too long since I have last updated my journal I think I’m going to make it easier for myself and you all and write this entry as a log, here we go:

  • Anemometer goes through final sketches and has detachable arms with different cup sizes
  • Anemometer goes into assets folder for final printing

    NEW project: Escutcheon
  • Escutcheon goes through design (looks like yin-yang)
  • Escutcheon gets finalized and printed

1 / 16 / 18
Hello everybody, and happy new year. Its been a while since I last updated my page. I would like to apologize for the long wait. Since the last time I updated this page, a lot has been accomplished.

11 / 6 / 17

Good morning, everyone, I would like to personally apologize to everyone who reads my updates. I have not been able to Journal and write down my records because of all the work my group and I have been putting into new projects. Now that that’s out of the way, our next project is going to be 3D printing the base of a circuit board. This will also be done on Onshape (same program used for the handle), so we get precise measurements. We are collaborating with another group and they have sent us a base blueprint of what this board will look like. At the moment, the task at hand will be copying these blue prints down so we can edit and put this piece together.

-Emile D.

10 / 22 / 17

Good afternoon everyone, today we have successfully printed out 4 of our last and newest models. Today, we spent the time to file them down and make them look in tip-top shape for selling. While these were printing out, we were trying to decide at what price we would could settle at to sell these. So far, we have not necessarily decided on what our price will be but we know that the first group of people we are going to sell these to is our school faculty.

-Emile D.

10 / 16 / 17

Hello everybody, As of last week, we started the second version of our handle, hosted an event at our school called InovatED LA, and also started to help a group on making the base of a circuit board. Today, we started to print our handle and had congratulations for hosting the event that happened last Saturday. By tomorrow we will have our second copy ready to go for our school

-Emile D.

10 / 6 / 17
Good afternoon my friends, as of now, we are about to enter the printing process of our project. What we have been working on is tweaking the final design of our handle. We will start printing our handle by Monday the 9th I hope that we can get this done and start to think about what we will do for our next project.

– Emile D.

9 / 22 / 17

Good evening everybody, as of now, it has been 3 weeks since I have joined WISRD. Since I have joined, my friends and I have worked hard on brainstorming ideas and we have finally decided on making a water bottle hand for one of our school water fountains. This week, we have gotten measurements for our handle and, created the sketch of OUR model of one. this picture is our rough sketches of our product.

– Emile D.

9 / 12 / 17

Hello, everyone, it is now week 2 of being in WISRD. Some of my friends/coworkers and I have created a group where we will be using Onshape, a program to 3D print a various amount of items used in everyday life, for our project. So far we have not really figured out what we want to make so, for now, we are learning the basics of Onshape. As the year proceeds, we will come up with a project and it will be extraordinary.

– Emile D.

8 / 26 / 2017

The first week of WISRD was honestly what I expected. I expected WISRD to be something “independent” and something that I had the wheel on I also expected being overwhelmed by all of the machines around me. So far, what has interested me the most is the AR/VR projects because I love virtual reality so much and I think I have a small spark for it. I am also very interested in engineering/fabrication because I love to piece things together and mold things using power tools and math.

-Emile D.