I hope to join the Coral Reef project, but we are waiting on an update from St. Monica’s. Hopefully once Izze has a meeting we can figure out where to go from here and I can officially sign on.


Izze S. (24′) and I are trying to use the Arduino to design a thermistor circuit to be used as a temperature probe. We ran a test to find out it’s an NTC thermistor, and a test to run code to blink an LED. From here have to hook up the thermistor to the Arduino. We have a meeting with St. Monica’s tomorrow to figure out where to take the project from here.


We met with St Monica’s for the first time after summer today. Izze and I need to finish setting up the temperature probe and thermistor within the next week-ish to deliver to MORI next week/beginning of the week after.


Joe set up the voltage sensor to input graph points to the Pasco while the temperature sensor measures in a different column. We’ve set up a hot plate to boil the water and get the highest point at 100º Celcius, then set up an ice bucket on a stirring plate to put the boiling water beaker in to lower the temperature and measure points along the way. The Pasco graph measures points every minute. Once all our data is collected, we need to do a curve fitting and create an equation from voltage to temperature.


This week Izze and I have created the voltage to temperature equation as well as the voltage to DS (digital signal) equation. We’re working on coding the Arduino to read out in temperature instead of the current numbers in the serial monitor. We have a readout that’s in temperature format, but isn’t accurate to the climate it should be reading from. We’re changing the Arduino code to try to fix this.


Last week we fixed the Arduino’s code and it now gives a comprehensive temperature readout in degrees Celcius. We have to package the circuit and send the code to MORI probably within the next week or two. We’re also working towards finishing the RoCCS poster for the Fall poster session. The ceramic printer will be back up and running for the first time since summer this week, and I cut and packaged some clay to fill it with today. We should be able to run a test Wednesday.


Today we had the Fall poster session. We met the MORI group in person for the first time and each delivered our presentations together. The clay printer had some issues but otherwise everything went smoothly and we’re moving on to packaging the probe for delivery.


After cutting, stripping, and soldering all the wires in order onto the breadboard, I moved on to solder and shrink wrap the thermistor pins. This went smoothly and I plugged the Arduino into the Rasberry Pi. I can now access the temperature readout from the VNC Viewer, at home or from WISRD.


After trying to cut a section from the breadboard with a hacksaw and the Glowforge, we decided our best option was to have Chance cut it on the CNC. He finished cutting the small section today and from there we met with Wills to design a box to hold our probe for delivery to MORI. Wills will be making a spacer so I can determine where to place the board on the Arduino and how short my wires can be, and from there I’ll re-solder all the wires on.


Since we’ve been back, I’ve been working collaboratively with Wills while he works on a design prototype to hold our circuit for delivery to MORI. We’ve had two prints so far and are incorporating feedback to create the final product. Once the print is successful and we’ve changed what needs to be changed, I’m going to re-solder the wires and arrange everything in our box. After the final design is printed, we can finally get the temperature probe to the tank at MORI for use.