August 26, 2017

So far WISRD has been very similar to what I expected except it is a lot more independent than I thought it would be. I am still not sure what labs I would like to do but a few interest me. The one I think would fit me well is the speed of light reenactment because it is meant for “new math oriented members”, which is exactly what I am. Doing a lab in engineering/fabrication would also be great because that is something that interests me a lot.


September 7, 2017

I’ve begun working on the speed of light reenactment where I’m researching Danish astronomer, Ole Rømer’s method of testing the speed of light. He was the first to prove that the speed of light was finite. My goal is to try and use his method of testing the speed of light and try to get a more accurate measurement using the technology and more accurate numbers for the diameter of Earth’s orbit and the time delay of crossing the diameter of Earth’s orbit. Right now I’m researching all the different factors in his experiment so I can understand them better. (The eclipses, the specific steps to his experiment, and Jupiter’s moon Io)

Speed of Light Reenactment Project:

Speed of Light

Io’s Orbit around Jupiter: 1.769137786 days = 42.4593069 hours

When observed, the time between the eclipses of Io was inconsistent and seemed to vary based on the distance between Earth and Jupiter, the closer Jupiter was to Earth, the closer together the times of the eclipses were, and the further Jupiter was from Earth, the longer the time period between the eclipses. Using the difference between the visual time of the orbit when Jupiter was closer, and when Jupiter was further he predicted that Io’s eclipse would be later than expected (in his case, he predicted 10 minutes) to prove his theory. His prediction was correct. Another scientist then calculated the speed of light using Romer’s discoveries.


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