Today is my first day in wisrd. I am interested in life science. A group I want to get involved in is the physiology and or the marine biology group.


Today I researched the about the Emotiv device. I planned on also researching the effects that climate change has had and will continue to have on the stress levels of marine animals.


Today I did more research on the emotiv device. Specifically if it would detect the affects music has on the brain. I had the idea to run an experiment bringing in multiple students and playing different types of music and noticing the different types of affects it has.


Today I decided to research plant growth. I will be growing peace Lily’s in two low light environments, one with music playing and and one high light environment. I will be using the germination tray that has already been established by the hydroponics group.


I established I will be joining the hydroponics group. I did research on the hydroponics group and also did some research on how to build a basic hydroponics system


Today I assembled the container for my small hydroponics system.

9/ 6/22

I planted the lettuce seeds in the incubator. They need to sit they for 7 to 10 days. Im currently in the process of building the hydroponics system. What is left to do is assemble the air pump which is coming in the mail.


Today was the third day of my lettuce seeds being in the incubator. There is a decent amount of growth already. I watered them today.


Today the lettuce has reached growth where it us ready to be transferred to my hydroponics system. Ive assembled the air pump and I am now adjusting the water to be sustainable for the plants.


Today I planted 10 more seedlings. I am going to run a series of trials in the hydroponics system slightly changing the conditions each time while keeping a constant variable in the incubator. By doing this I will evaluate what works most effectively and then once I figure that out I will figure out why.


I checked the PH levels of my water and they are looking good I will continue to check them each class. I also measured my plant growth with a caliber which I will also continue to do each class.


Today Ive measured my plants and watered my controlled plants.


Today i’ve measured my plants. They seem to be growing but at a very slow rate. Mean while my seedlings are full grown and ready for transfer so I am waiting fo the big hydroponics system to be set up(will take a week). I also pulled out some of the wilted seeds in each of the pots and made each pot contain 8 seeds.


Today I changed my system for measuring my plants. I discovered that in this state of growth they are growing more outward rather than up. So, I started measuring their diameter. I also discovered any easier way to measure them is to remove the plastic and place it on another surface to allow my measurements to be more accurate and to make the process easier.


Today I brainstormed and worked on my proposal for my inquirer pitch.

9/ 29/22

Today I decided to write my inquirer article about the effect schoolwork has on the stress levels of students. I’ve finished writing my proposal. I had a new idea to test if we are over watering our crops. This will be perfect since california is in a drought. I will do an experiment on my next batch of plants where I will water one plant every day, one every two days, one every 3 days, etc.


Today all of my plants died and I decided to conclude my experiment. I’ve overall generally learned how hydroponics works. I gained the insight that hydroponics is a very specific science that is very advanced. It takes a lot of working parts to make your plants successfully grow. Today Im cleaning up my experiment and researching the new project I will be starting.