Journal Entries:




Hi, I’m Izze Silverman and it’s my first year at WISRD. I’m starting 9th grade and I’ve been at Wildwood since kindergarten. I’m hoping to work with life sciences this year. I’m really interested in hydroponics because I did some research about it last year and conducted an experiment. I am also interested in working with ENABLE to create a prosthetic hand. My cousin, Emily R, did this while she was at WISRD and got me really interested in what she did.


In my very first journal writing, I mentioned the labs I was interested in. Since then, my mind has changed a bit. Joe and I have spoken about how important system integrations are, especially if you’re female. I am still interested in the other labs, but I would also like to dig deeper into coding. I have been I’ve been working with the Arduino and using TINKERCAD Circuits to code. I’ve been using and going through their tutorials. 

I made my first WISRD Tweet on September 9th. Press on the blue underlined “WISRD Tweet” link to see the video. I screen recorded myself coding the Arduino to turn an LED light on and off repeatedly. As of 20/9/23, the tweet has 465 impressions, 68 media views, and 28 total engagements. It also has three retweets and two likes.

I really like TINKERCAD Circuits because it’s easy to use and depending on what you’re coding, it’s your choice whether it’s going to be challenging or easy. I haven’t been great at Journaling, but hopefully, I will get better as the semester continues.


In the past week or so, I’ve made a lot of steps in the right direction. I was appointed the point person for WISRD’s Instagram which is very exciting. I really like to work with social media so this position is a perfect fit. Joe has also told me about a new lab being presented to the board. It’s very similar to the hydroponics lab, but it’s working with coral instead of lettuce. This really caught my attention because marine biology really interests me. The hydroponics group has also reached out to me to ask if I’m interested in joining their lab. I was super excited when I got the email because I would love to join their lab. I’m currently discussing the pros and cons of joining each lab with Joe. The director of WISRD, Dani, has asked me to be the Board historian. This position entails writing notes about what is discussed in the Board meetings every other Tuesday, which I also have to attend. This position does not entail voting as a Board member, although if I want to become a voting Board member next year, becoming the Board Historian this year will really help. I’ve been tinkering with my journal recently and created a very easy way to travel through it.