Tue Aug 23

Today is my first day at wisrd and I am interested in continuing my studies in solar power because I made a solar power phone charger last year.

Tue Sep 13

P: The federal government lets you claim 26% of the total cost of the solar power installation giving you a 22% tax credit. Obviously solar panels would save money in the long run but overall it is a long term iverstment. With the size of the school it will reduce emission costs by at least 25% because of how much direct sunlight the roof on the school is in in the later part of a day. Solar panels are able to work during outages. 

C: The average cost of sola panels are 13,500 dollars but some are more expneive and less due to their size. If containing to power from the usn enough power storage space must be available otherwise it is a safety risk. 

The states sith most solar power are California, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona. States witht he most tax credit for solar panels are Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts. 

Cleaning solar panels are a key part of having and maintaining solar panels because dirt is able to block out amounts of sunlights due the conentets of the dirt. You are able to clean solar panels with water which is lucky considering that they gather all the first from the sky above. I was thinking that we could a make a system that runs on a sun dial type timer where it sees the that sun goes down and a shade comes over. 

Monocrystalline panels have the highest efficiency rating of any type of solar panel, reaching over 20%. This means that these can convert 20% of sunlight into usable energy. Monocrystaline is hard to find to buy by itself and the cyrtsil by itself is an alumunuim product meaning hatnit hard to buy in a pure form.

Wednesday September 27

Last week is pent time researching inside solar panels and finding out about how the different types of cells work together. I also researched how much it is able to produce from just direct light, so I used an electricity measurer (will find out the name for it) I took solar panels with the cover and tested them with and without the glass of the solar panels because the work I did where I bisected solar panels and removed the glass looked at the inside of the panel. I then took two tests one with the glass and one without the one with the glass measured 0.10 volts and then the one without measured 0.21 volts.