In CAD I am learning how to use 3d design software and machines. I find this useful because it teaches me some skills in design and knowledge of the machines we use. Right now I am using the software Onshape to design models that I might pick for 3d print in the future.


I now have some experience in 3d software Onshape. Presently I have designed a miniature steam engine on the software and continue to learn more and more as I go on. Currently, I am learning to use the 3d printer so I can have some prototypes of the work.


When working with the Radio Astronomy group in the institute we had done an experiment to see how many volts a solar panel produces when a layer of plastic is laid on top of the panel. We came to the conclusion that there is only a small percent change to the number of volts produced.


Worked with the Radio Astronomy group to prepare their box which will hold their raspberry pie. Also worked on the case for the solar panel that will charge the box’s battery.


Currently working on learning Circuitry using Tinkercad’s online lessons. I am learning circuits because I want to expand my knowledge so I can use different solutions to solve my problems.