In CAD I am learning how to use 3d design software and machines. I find this useful because it teaches me some skills in design and knowledge of the machines we use. Right now I am using the software Onshape to design models that I might pick for 3d print in the future.


I now have some experience in 3d software Onshape. Presently I have designed a miniature steam engine on the software and continue to learn more and more as I go on. Currently, I am learning to use the 3d printer so I can have some prototypes of the work.


When working with the Radio Astronomy group in the institute we had done an experiment to see how many volts a solar panel produces when a layer of plastic is laid on top of the panel. We came to the conclusion that there is only a small percent change to the number of volts produced.


Worked with the Radio Astronomy group to prepare their box which will hold their raspberry pie. Also worked on the case for the solar panel that will charge the box’s battery.


Currently working on learning Circuitry using Tinkercad’s online lessons. I am learning circuits because I want to expand my knowledge so I can use different solutions to solve my problems.


Researching about 3d printing materials such as different plastics and other filaments for my article in The Inquirer.


Working on 3d printing a circuit case for the radio astronomy group and finishing up a PVC Adapter for the PVC Pipe. The adapter needs to be resized so it can fit around the PVC Pipe and the center ring needs to be smaller to fit the wire pipe.


Finished working on the measurements of the PVC Adapter and resizing the diameter of the holes. The problems were the size of the holes with the adapter not being water tight on the PVC Pipe and the other tube being the same. I finished with the inside diameter being 0.48mm for the part on the PVC Pipe and 26.92mm for the smaller hole.


In the time I have not been journaling I have made a Screw board for a computer fan the Radio Astronomy Group needs to prevent their computers from overheating. Now currently I am working with another WISRD member to create a 3d model of the Radio Astronomy computer box.


I have been creating a water fountain lever with Onshape and have finished with the measurements and my design. The problems with the measurements was with the space between the rings being 10mm instead of 8.5mm which would give the screws enough space to fit soundly on the water fountain. The current model Water Fountain Lever Final 3 is ready for testing and is being 3d printed to see if I need to make anymore adjustments.

Water Fountain Test Lever on Water Tap


I have printed my design for the water fountain lever and now ready for testing after the PLA filament has been removed.


The 3d printed Water fountain lever worked, what I mean by that it allowed water to run from the fountain. It did work for a smaller water-bottle with a small circumference, but I want it to be easy for any kind of water bottle to use. I plan to decrease the width of the lever by two millimeters so that it does not shift left to right on the fountain.


I had 3d printed the new water fountain lever and tested it on the school’s water fountain. It worked but the one of the small hole that hold the fountain screws broke in half. This was due to the screw hole being to tight to be removed easily.

Broken Fountain Lever