21/9/14: I tweeted for the first time on the Wisrd twitter to announce the lab being cleaned up and ready to get set up. I included a fun fact from my research to add an exciting aspect to the tweet. The tweet can be found here.

21/9/13: Today we ran the repaired lab to see if there were any mistakes or anything we have to change. I helped to organize the station and set up the lab. I filled the lab up with distilled water, cleaned up the area, and studied the lab to really determine what’s working and what isn’t. I decided to look over past procedures because I was a little confused about the whole process.

21/9/1: I emailed Max A.S. (24′) and said I am interested in hydroponics, now I am now officially in the Hydroponic group. We now have a document with our assigned jobs. I am going to start researching lettuce genetics and mutations.

21/8/24: Today was my first day at Wisrd, I am thinking about joining the Hydroponic group, because I am interested in life science, so I am looking over their page and articles.