22/1/18: I just learned how to make a workflow that creates the changes in an image. I used a youtube tutorial to help me with this, and I also used the sample workflow available to gauge how I can fill mine out. I am still a little bit stuck on how I can alter the workflow to fit the sample image I have. But this week my goal is to code over my sample photo with no mistakes.

22/1/11: Today I watched a workshop video on youtube about PlantCV. I learned about thresholding which for example could take a RGB image and change it into a LAB image, ultimately changing the colors in the image.

21/12/16: I have been watching videos to download and start working on PlantCV. Since my article and research are done, my main focus is now PlanCV.

21/11/18: Today I encountered an issue trying to download plantcv with anaconda. I looked at the aricles about the download and learned that I could also install plantcv with pip. With this new discovery I will have plantcv downloaded and start coding either today or in this week.

21/11/10: I finished my article for the Inquirer about plant mutations but it ended up being a little short. When editing it for my second draft I will add more information to increase the length a little bit.

11/9/21: WISRD had a successful poster session last night. I talked to lots of people about our project and shared how the hydroponics lab is looking into incorporating PlantCV into our research

21/10/26: Today I researched the nutrients needed in our water that the previous hydroponics group used. I didn’t have luck in this research so I had to email to find out. I emailed Luis Perez, a senior in WISRD, to ask him about his sister, Ximena Perez’s pervious work in WISRD. After hearing no response our group found our own nutrient solution to incorporate in our lab. Today I also learned about a new coding program that would immensely help our group measure our plants. The software is called PlantCV. Upon learning about PlantCV I was very interested, so today I also committed to being the head coder in the PlantCV software for our group.

PlantCV is an open-source image analysis software package targeted for plant phenotyping.

21/10/21: After a long time of work, I finished my vitae today. I think I could maybe add a little more detail but right now I am going to continue writing my article for the Inquirer. I am thinking about adding information about GMO into my article to expand on the modern day advancements.

Here is an example of a GMO tomato compared to a regular one

21/10/5:Today the whole Hydroponics group come in and took a photo in front of the rig. This photo will be uploaded to our project page and sent to Joe

21/10/5: I finished my pitch for an article in the Inquirer newspaper. The topic of my article is mutations in plants and how they affect the agricultural system. After researching this topic for the hydroponics project I was very interested and wanted to learn more about it. So making it the subject of my article allows me to do so.

21/9/27: I tweeted for the second time on the WISRD twitter to announce lights being added to our system. The tweet can be found here.

21/9/14: I tweeted for the first time on the WISRD twitter to announce the lab being cleaned up and ready to get set up. I included a fun fact from my research to add an exciting aspect to the tweet. The tweet can be found here.

21/9/13: Today we ran the repaired lab to see if there were any mistakes or anything we have to change. I helped to organize the station and set up the lab. I filled the lab up with distilled water, cleaned up the area, and studied the lab to really determine what’s working and what isn’t. I decided to look over past procedures because I was a little confused about the whole process.

21/9/1: I emailed Max A.S. (24′) and said I am interested in hydroponics, now I am now officially in the Hydroponic group. We now have a document with our assigned jobs. I am going to start researching lettuce genetics and mutations.

21/8/24: Today was my first day at WISRD, I am thinking about joining the Hydroponic group, because I am interested in life science, so I am looking over their page and articles.