8/23/22– This is the first day at WISRD. I think I want to go down the engineering path and either incorporate brain waves or aerodynamics. I have always wanted to do something involving wind or flight, but I think I might want to do studies on brain waves. I think it would be very cool to harness them and use them to make something cool. Recently I have been thinking about fans and how I could invent a much more powerful version. I think doing this would be very cool for my project, but also for future inventions from other scientists.

8/30/22– I started researching the human brain, but I think I would rather actually make something. I might do something with aerodynamics instead or maybe make some kind of useful device. I was thinking about doing some kind of paper thing like the paperfuge invention.

1/10/23– I was going to print my model of a spider leg the other day. The printer got jammed so today I’m going to do more research and try to figure out how I’m going to make the expanding bag that the spider uses to actually extend its leg. I was telling my dad about it last night and he said I should use a water balloon. I hadn’t thought about this before and I might consider it. Before I was thinking of using a paper accordion-type thing and glue that to the cavity I made in the leg.

1/27/23– I have been doing research on how spiders use their claws to stick to any surface. It uses the same function that a Vaan de Graff generator does. I finished my pitch for the article. It was about how creatures like lizards and insects use electricity in their bodies.