Journal 4/27/2017

On Monday we checked on our Mung beans and discovered that the beans being watered with simple tap water (on the right) are thriving, while the beans being watered with water containing nutrients (on the left) appear to be dying. This is contrary to our original predictions and we are continuing to water them just in case something changes. Now that the light is on less and we are watering the beans more (3 teaspoons every class period), they are not drying out at the rapid pace that we previously observed.

Today we are hard at work to complete our poster so its ready for our poster exhibition night on Monday May 1st. We are using Lightroom to complete it and the final version will be poster on here.

Journal 4/19/2017

After soaking in water for a week, our Mung beans have finally sprouted! On Monday we planted them in the mini growing pods and we are waiting for them to take root. Today (Wednesday) we checked them and they were extremely dry, we believe that the surface area may be causing the water to evaporate rapidly. This will start solving this problem by giving them less light to discover whether the 24 hour light source is drying them out quicker. We will take further precautions if they continue to dry out rapidly 

Journal 2/23/17

This week, while we were waiting for the PVC pipe to be threaded, Reid and I set up the light for our groups hydroponic set. We learned how to use a power drill through metal, and what the best materials to hang the light were. Our next plan of action is to research the salinity levels of the Joaquin Valley and find a way to replicate that environment in our first hydroponic lab. 

Journal 10/28/16

To start this week off, our group created a team checklist of all of our assignments and goals for this coming month:

Lela + Maddie: Write their Article by Friday 10/28/16 and send it to Josie

Lucy + Reid: Write their Article by Friday 10/28/16 and send it to Josie

Lucy + Lela + Nathaniel + Cesar + Reid: Create 2 Posters by Monday 11/7/16 and send it to Joe

Maddie: Do More Research and create a bibliography ASAP

Reid + Lucy: Make a budget and plan. See the parts we have, what we need to get, and what we can build. ASAP

Nathaniel + Cesar: Create their Lab ASAP


Learning Outcomes:

Some of my learning outcomes are to develop the ability to use the CNC machine and the 3D printer. I would like to further my knowledge in Psychology and possibly work on or create a project involving behavioral science. I want to learn how technology and engineering is used in the field of psychobiology to understand and possibly help the human brain. I would also like to further the research in the existing hand project. I want to discover what role STEM will play in my life in the future and how it can help me grow as a person now.