Today a joined the Hydroponics team and continued researching GAVRT in preparation for next Tuesday when am scheduled to use it.


First GAVRT session was mostly practice and making sure I know everything necessary to participate in blackhole patrol


Formally switched to Radio telescopes team and started reading and writing notes on the provided articles


continued reading the Eric Trumbauer article and taking cornel notes


GAVRT was postponed this week due to a malfunction in the telescope. I will continue to read the article.

I might want to annotate the articles while I wait for further instructions from the rest of the team


I have started coordinating with my team regarding a experiment involving ionized hydrogen as an easy representation of the hydrogen line. I believe that it would make a good white paper and it would also help us understand how people came to find out about the hydrogen line.


Continuing white paper. I am assigned to the waves section of the white paper and have finished gathering all the needed knowledge to write my paper on a google doc.


Many things have happened since my last report. I wave been focused on my Vitae as well as continuing to work on the DISPIRA white paper and attending GAVRT sessions. I was also promoted to the position of GAVRT PI(primary investigator) due to me being the only member of GAVRT currently. I am hopping more people will chose to join the GAVRT group and I am doing my best to advertise and make the group sound appealing to attract new participants.


Today I learned the difference between the period and the frequency of a wave, the period is the amount of time it takes for a full wave length to pass a point in space and the frequency is how many pass in one second.