Josie Bleakley – Senior Editor

Aidan Stern – Senior Designer

Ihsan Turk – Assistant Editor

Scott Johnson – Publisher


Progress Updates:

Aidan Stern 11-15-17:

Started new magazine page today to highlight and track the progress of the magazine design team, editors, and writers.

For the design team, I am looking at a new program for the purpose of online collaboration across many computers. The software is called Lucidpress and can be found at this link.

Ihsan Turk 11-6-17:

Email sent out today regarding due dates for WISRD-wide magazine articles, a copy is below:

“Dear everyone,

Your completed drafts of your articles are due by Friday, November 10th at 10:00 pm sharp. Please write articles in the MLA 8 format, using proper citation format for any sources or images you use. Noodletools is a helpful tool for creating your bibliographies. Please use it.

If you have any further questions or problems, email me.


Assistant Editor”

Josie Bleakley 10-23-17:

Publisher Scott Johnson and I sent out an email (regarding a lunchtime executive meeting) today to magazine executives—Ihsan Turk (Assistant Editor), Aidan Stern (Senior Designer) and Dani Barret (Editor) regarding deadlines, accountability, and magazine process.