The lab has been running for a week and has been operating as hoped. We deconstucted it today in order to deep clean it, and are going to reconstuct it and add the distilled water next week. Once that is done, we will begin planting!


I made my first tweet of the year to announce our progress in the lab, and to show the functioning lab. The tweet can be found here.


We have fully repaired the lab and filled it with water. The power switch is connected to my phone so I can turn it on and off using bluetooth. We are letting it run for a couple days in order to make sure it is functional and to filter through the water a bit. 


The hydroponics team has come together. I am gonna be working with Zyan, RIdley, Kezie, Lukas, and Nikita


Today was the first day of WISRD in the new school year. I am planning on sending out an email shortly to all new WISRD members asking for people to join the Hydroponics Lab. Hopefully I can get through the recruiting process quickly so I can begin picking back up on the research.




The Inquirer was published with my article as the lead article. The link is attached here


Today was the WISRD board meeting to nominate people for the board, and I was voted on. I will now be acting as a voting member of the WISRD board for next year. This is very exciting for me as I will now be able to contribute to decision-making within WISRD. 


I presented at the spring poster presentation with the rest of the radio telescope group. This poster presentation was a lot easier since I knew what to expect. We based much of our work off of our fall poster and only changed the elements that had developed more, so there was much less work. 


All members of the Hydroponics lab are graduating, so I have begun transitioning away from the radio telescope and towards taking over this lab. I will continue working in hydroponics for the remainder of my tenure in WISRD. The rest of the year I will spend acclimating to hydroponics instead of working with the radio telescope.


My article made The Inquirer! I am going to be the lead article, making me the first freshman to be granted the lead article. I am very excited!


I have completed my article and submitted it. My article was entitled Basketball and the Quest for Efficiency.


We are collaborating with many other groups through a Discord, and allowing them to use our telescope to collect data of their own. This collaboration will open up countless opportunities for future endeavors. 


We have concluded most of the prep work on the telescope and are now collecting data. 


I presented at the fall poster presentation with the rest of the radio telescope group. This was my first poster session so I did not entirely know what to expect, but I think we did a good job of communicating our work effectively. 


I presented at dark matter day along with my fellow members of the radio telescope group. We discussed our work thus far and what our goals are for the future.


I am going to be working with Izze S. on helping run the Instagram. I think that having this as a side project along with my main work on the radio telescope will fit my interests well. In general, social media work comes pretty naturally to me and I enjoy doing it. 


I presented at back-to-school night on my experience as a first-year student and shared what it is like to first get acclimated into WISRD. 


Joe has directed me towards the radio telescope project as a project for me to look into. I have read through the DSPIRA web page, and am going to begin building a LNA that will be used in one WISRD’s three radio telescopes. 


Hi, I’m Max. I am just getting started with WISRD. I am not sure exactly what I am going to work on during my time in WISRD, but I have always had a strong interest in space, so I am going to begin by looking into working on the radio telescope project.