This is my first journal entry. This is my first year at WISRD or Wildwood in general. So far i have really enjoyed wisrd and wildwood. I love the freedom that I have in wisrd and how we get to chose something that we want to learn and focus on that. My main goal this year is learning a foundation of 3d printing. The first model that I had designed was a simple chain link that I had designed in Tinkercad. When making that I found a love for learning how to print multiple objects that are printed as one pice. So for the chain link all of the links were printed together and not assembled. So that is my focus for the year so far.

New matirials That I will be Experimenting with on our 3D printers:

Buy Sheet for 3D printing Matirials – Sheet1


For this summer I have begone an Internship with WIRSD, I will be working on furthering the knowledge of Prosthetic for the Institute. This is my plan for work I am going to get done.

  1. 7/13/20 – 7/18/20: I will be researching the basics of what is going on in the field today. I will be trying to answer these questions.
    1. Where in the United States is a lot of the prosthetics business being done?
    2. What schools around the country are known for their superior programs, aid in my research of prosthetics?
    3. What are the big names in the business at the time? 
  2. 7/19/20 -7/30/20: Start and finish prosthetic hand for registration with ENABLE
    1. In the first 3 days I will be calculating the sizes, and rescaling all of the different components in CURA
    2. Once I am done with that I will start printing all of the different components, for a total print time of probably another 3 days
    3. Then I will begin assembly of the product which if I push myself can be done in about 4 days, leaving one day for any error in between, for example possibly breaking a piece and having to reprint it.
  3. 7/31/20 – 8/6/20: Firmilerizing myself with the ENABLE forums, and getting the WISRD name back in the loop. Attempt to get WISRD a job for this upcoming year.

Side Jobs

  1. Working with my father on taking a class and learning the basics of Fusion 360
  2. Taking notes on all of my activities so that I can compile them all to write at least one, White Paper
  3. Keeping my Jornal up to date with what I am currently working on.
Began Printing Parts for the Prosthetic Hand


The Prosthetic Hand
To begin work with ENABLE, I must show them that I am capable of being a reliable engineer when it comes to printing and assembling the prosthetic hand. So as a test hand to send to them and get verified, I will be building the Cyborg Beast, designed by Jorge Zaniga. I am printing this at about 130% scale so that it is appropriate for the size of about a 15-year-old, I am also printing this in Black Pro PLA from Matter Hackers.