WISRD Production Team 

“In the latest project, “Who We Are,” it demonstrates the immense skill and passion for filmmaking that the Media Team possesses. The team is a group of dedicated, knowledgeable, spirited people, who have dedicated themselves to portraying the institute as something incredibly special, and they are right to do so.”

– Will B., Director of the WISRD Production Team and Media Team


Meet our Team:

Will      Jackie      Aidan      Dylan      Remy


What Is the WISRD Media Team?

The Media Outreach Program focuses on WISRD’s responsibility to inform the community about developments in STEM related fields. By capturing progress made in labs and projects, the program can share how WISRD members contribute to STEM fields. WISRD’s Media Outreach Program serves as an example of how the institute is a new developing form of education for STEM related topics. The program hopes to encapsulate how WISRD functions and accomplishes its goal of contributing to STEM topics through research, presentations, and lectures.

Check out our latest video!


As of 4/12/17, the Production team completed the filming process and is now moving into the production process.

  1. Will’s Journal; See entry for September 15th, 2016
  2. Check out the promotional video on the YouTube page!