The Cad group has begun its final stages on the scissor lift and we have figured out how to make nuts and bolts with the correct thread count. We are currently thinking about how to approach this for the WISRD store.


“Mainly I have been designing bolts for the WISRD store. At first, we had a lot of trouble figuring out how to make the thread on the bolt. Then after some perseverance, we figure it out and can consistently make a thread.


After I finished the megaphone piece Bob told me that a PE speaker was broken and that I should find the piece online to get the speaker fixed. I started searching online for the manual of the speaker to hope to find if it had a parts list. Although it didn’t lead me to the parts list, it leads me to find frequently broken pieces where I think I can find the piece that is broken.


This week has been a fantastic success. Joe and I made the pin for the megaphone piece and my piece to hold together. I made the final piece with all of the holes lined up. We ordered and got the right screws for the megaphone. And after all this time this entire project is completed. All of it is done and as my first project here at WISRD I think I did a great job although I could have done it a little quicker. All in all this experience has been amazing.


Since being back from winter break I have finally completed the megaphone piece and I am now trying to figure out what screws I need because the original screws were lost. Although I do have one screw and I am now gathering all of the dimensions of that screw so we can order more and finally be done with this project and move onto something else.


I mentioned in my last journal that I would be making a new piece, but Joe pointed out that there were problems with this idea so that is why I am going back to the original idea. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working hard to getting the measurements and designing how it would look like. Today in class I actually started the print so, on Wednesday I should see what is wrong and what is right with it and work from there.


Hey, guys I know I haven’t journaled in a while but I am back. I am still working on the broken megaphone. So about a week ago the original piece and screw were thrown away on accident by somebody. Making this project much more complicated than it was supposed to be. I was still determined to not throw away all of my work. After a day or two, I realized that it is pretty much impossible to get the exact measurement from an outline the old piece left. I have now come up with the idea of instead of recreating the piece just make a whole new piece. The new piece would be an amalgamation of the two original pieces. I’ll let you guys know how it turns it out.


Over the past month, I joined the CAD group, learned how to use Onshape, and recreate a broken part of a megaphone. While in the CAD group I was told to make an Onshape account and learn the basics of it. After I had learned the essentials of Onshape I was assigned by Joe to remake a broken part of a megaphone. I thought that it was going to be relatively easy to just copy it on Onshape and then just print a new one. In reality, these few steps were much more complicated than they originally seemed.


Today I spent some of my time looking at completed projects and ongoing ones on WISRD. Aerodynamics and the water bottle rocket caught my eye. I spent the rest of the class reading and researching the basics of aerodynamics and what makes an airplane fly.