I talked to Joe about becoming a videographer for WISRD and helping out with the WISRD Youtube channel. I would like to organize and merge the two WISRD Youtube channels as I feel it is taking too long to do so. I think contributing to WISRD public relations will help me make the best of my time here at WISRD.


I joined the hydroponics group because I am interested in growing plants in artificial conditions. Scientists are growing plants artificially on the International Space Station. I am interested in the idea of space exploration and making places other than Earth livable.

Hydroponics is useful for studying the response of plants to abiotic and biotic stresses. (URL, Nga T. Nguyen, Samuel A. McInturf, and David G. Mendoza-C√≥zatl) We will be trying to determine the level of salinity at which butter lettuce and other plants grown in the San Joaquin Valley can thrive.


Last week I decided to join the hydroponics group.I read some material on it and the logs of the previous group. Together with Zyan, I am in charge of figuring out how the hydroponics rig works and making sure it has all the right parts.


This is my first entry. I’ve only been in WISRD for a few days so I don’t know what I am going to work on yet. I studied the list of projects and found a few I find interesting. The hydroponics group is looking for new members to kick-start the project so that would be a good idea for me to do as my first project.