Forgot to write for a while but this is all that happened. I downloaded the CORSIKA software on my mac but it didn’t work so downloaded it on a raspberry pi and it worked better. Still don’t fully understand the settings but am making progress. I managed to put in a bunch of inputs for it to simulate something but it kind of went wrong on the way. I’m going to do some troubleshooting today to try and find out whats happening. Also might do a bit of research on quarks because I watched a video and the strange ones are weird.


Kind of forgot to write until now but this is what happened this week. Worked on the intel nuc with Leov(didn’t work). Talked with Coltrain about Panoptes and started working with the scribit because Coltrain broke the strings holding it up. Also haven’t read much of the book this week but am about a third of the way in. It’s confusing. Probably have notes in the notebook. Yesterday we learned about the inquirer paper thing and were not sure what to do for it. Was interesting though.


update: I’m now starting to read a book called “The Order of Time” and am going to keep looking at the particle adventure website. Going to probably do this for a while


Last week I researched a bit on exoplanets after I talked to Cole and also researched cosmic rays with some of the info from last weeks entry. A bunch of notes are in my physical notebook. Today I’m going to ask about the Radio Astronomy group that there was an email about. Also do some more research.

Met with Cole to talk about Panoptes

Links to cosmic ray info to look into:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_ray#:~:text=Cosmic%20rays%20were%20discovered%20by,satellites%20in%20the%20late%201950s. (we can start with wikipedia to help us focus our web searches)



This is the first day of wisrd and we just spent the entire time learning about what we do. I’m kind of hoping to join one of the earth/space science groups, but I will need to look at and learn about all the groups. Maybe the cosmic ray group? Muons are interesting