Arduino and Sensors

Arduino is an electronics platform that allows easy use of hardware and software. The Arduino board reads inputs and outputs and through using the microcontroller the Arduino board will receive the set of instructions. My intend is to use Arduino’s ¬†language and board to create as many sensors as I can. Sensors are devices that detect physical properties and indicate a reaction such as a sound, light etc.

February 16, 2018

I found a new website that demonstrates a new way of making an LCD work. I will try it with the only difference being that I will not solder the wires to the LCD pins. The person who provides these tutorials (Gust MEES) also has a youtube channel for visual step by step representations of related small projects.

First Steps with the Arduino-UNO R3 | Maker, MakerED, Coding | Super Starter Kit UNO R3 Project | LCD and Sensors Project

January 20, 2o18

The LCD is still not working, I have tried different ways to send signals to the LCD, like ASCII. ASCII is a character encoding standard that allows communication between electronics. I have learned how to read ASCII code by using a table that gives me either Hexa, Octa,or Dec series of zeros and ones. Each series of numbers gives me a letter such as A or B. By sending these series of zeros and ones the LCD can display the words.


November 06, 2017

Our first WISRD presentation took place and it went well. We had a member of the Cassini saturn mission come to our event. I am now searching for a 3D model on thingiverse to 3D print and put it together.

November 01, 2017

I finished wiring the display that is on the Arduino board on the breadboard. It is now able to turn on and say “Hello World.” Now I have to 3D build the anemometer cups and put them together.

October 20, 2017

I am going to start building an anemometer for a wind tunnel. I have to 3D print it and use an Arduino board and motor to make it display the windspeed.

Important Links:

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B: Display Code for Arduino Board



Date: September 22, 2o17

I have been utilizing the Arduino websites to familiarize myself with their language (C++). Today I used an Arduino board to code an LED light into turning on at certain time intervals.

Important links:

A: LED code

B: Analog Read Serial