With Jackson not here today I am working on fixing the wiring on my own. on Monday Jackson and I plugged in our Arduino and circuit but it wouldn’t run. We spent that class period fixing it but it still isn’t working. Today I will be trying to trace the problem and fix it.


Today we agreed on a time to meet Spencer. Tomorrow after school we will meet with him to talk about what his readout does and how we will combine it with ours. After we understand it we plan on adding it to our board and creating a box to house all the wiring. We are also working on our poster.


Today I updated the Wind Tunnel journal with the code for the motors. if you want to see that it is here.


Today all four motors are running at once thanks to our brand new power supply that came after winter break. Now everything is ready for Spencer to come and run the anemometer with a display monitor. We are planning on fixing the positioning of the motors so that they don’t hit each other when we start and stop using them. We are also planning on making a new honeycomb shape to replace the straws to create a better laminar flow. Once these are completed we are planning to create a barrier so that the fans are more covered and aren’t as much of a hazard.


Although I haven’t updated this journal in a while I will give a quick recap of what has happened to our project. First the original anemometer broke which set us back by a couple months. So we took a break from fixing the motors to reprint the anemometer using the 3d printer. which was then filed down to fit the centerpiece. with this we decided to calibrate the anemometer using a voltmeter and a fan with 3 variable settings. the number below is the slope which will be used to finish calibrating it. now we are finally going to get back to fixing the motors.

Slope = 27.2 +/- 1.3


Today I finished soldering all the wires with Jackson. On Tuesday(9/18/18) I met with Kai S after school and he helped me understand the bread board and Arduino.


Yesterday I stripped the wires and began to solder them. Kai has been in touch with me in order to set up a time after school for him to come in and help with the code. I plan to finish the soldering before meeting with Kai to finish the coding.


Kai has emailed me the code for the wind tunnel. I have started working on reconnecting the wiring for the tunnel. I am trying to set up a time to talk with Kai about his previous work.


In WISRD I am excited to learn about Arduino and 3D printing. I have started working on fixing the WISRD Aerodynamics wind tunnel. I have been talking to Kai who previously worked on the wind tunnelĀ about the circuits he made with Cameron.