Joe introduced us to the institute and showed us the social media accounts as well as our choices for projects to join.


Helped organize supplies for the wind tunnel project and sent an email out to those working on it inquiring about their plans with it.


Worked with Joe to 3D print a part for an outside of school project and got Ultimaker Cura set up on my computer and linked it with the WISRD printers. Spoke with Toby and Max about their respective labs and what I would do if I joined them. Out of class I spoke with Luis and Reid about their project and it’s involvement with the wind tunnel.


I read over the Hydroponics project page as well as the journals of Dani, Ximena, and Sadie to gain a greater understanding of the progress and mission for the Hydroponics lab.


Had a meeting with the Hydroponics team about the goals for the project and the roles each team member would hold. After this we designated tasks and I create a group document for the project


Looked around in WISRD for previous work/documents on the Hydroponics lab and found the schematics for the rig as well as a list of materials and process used for the tests.


Came in after school and worked with Joe to better understand the rig and got the first pump working so that I could turn it on and off remotely.


Brought the group up to speed on progress made and got all three pumps working


Worked with Joe and Max during class and lunch to set up the lighting system to remotely control it and affix the plastic sheets to prevent evaporation. Started potting seeds to grow.



Successfully potted ten plants with four seeds in each and set up a LED array on top of the hydroponics materials stand to provide the plants with light.