I am interested in working on technology and I have coded before, so I went to Arduino.io. The Arduino will be used for the radio telescopes. I read through their website and I can download software to code the Arduino. I also watched a video on how the coding works.


I am using twitter to post a tweet about Arduino and system integration.


There are pre-made examples that you can search for in Tinkercad and then look at the text to see common patterns. To find out more about what they do there are descriptions about it on Arduino.cc. So far I’m just going down the examples list.

Week of 9/22/20

My goal for Tuesday’s class is to understand what the State Change Detection does and try to better understand the code. I also found out that the purpose of the breadboard is that you don’t need to use solder. When I read the comments the purpose of State Change Detection is to detect the push of a button and perform a function. On Wednesday’s class, I checked out Analog In and Serial Out. The potentiometer controlled the intensity of the red led. The serial monitor reads the sensor and the output. On Thursday’s class, I read about the speakers and saw that they used the tone function.

Week of 9/29/20

On Tuesday and Wednesday I continued to explore the speakers. The first one covered one speakers. The second one was multiple speakers making a melody. Finally, the third one you controlled with three different buttons and they each make slightly different sounds.

This circuit uses buttons to make the speaker make different noises.

Week of October 13th, 2020

This week my goal was to work on the smoothing circuit and understand what it does. Like its name, its job is to smooth out the multiple readings it’s getting.