WISRD goals doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s044YQsHzhc0HqwsnyTYk2zvG7d2QPL4yl9jsKvK–U/edit?usp=sharing


In WISRD I have developed my writing skills this past week building my Vitea, White paper, and journal. https://docs.google.com/document/d/161OhnM7Lnyjtbm6ypPGibWLqBj4AiT-5_JDPmJo316g/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h2sQu3nKSroHvrYINgd_NxLhmqsWpW-HyXGHa3rbaFo/edit?usp=sharing


Today I have further improved my skill of self critiquing. (EVIDENCE) As I have been creating my vitae I was looking at my writing as if I was an employer. I have been editing my writing while keeping in mind, if I was an employer would I want to hire this person.


I have been advancing on developing clear and concise writing. My further improvements are (EVIDENCE) evident where in my white paper about fluid dynamics I go into deal with the connection of planes, turbulence, and turbulent flow. (EVIDENCE #2) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h2sQu3nKSroHvrYINgd_NxLhmqsWpW-HyXGHa3rbaFo/edit?usp=sharing


Today I advanced my skill of independence and problem solving by troubleshooting wire problems. (EVIDENCE) The method I used to trouble shoot was using a volt meter on each wire that should be getting signal. What I found was that every wire was getting the proper amount of volts, after the volt meter I checked every cable for a proper connection and found that they all were properly connected. This find navigated me to believe the problem in the fans not spinning is the Arduino or potentiometer.


Today me Jackson and Borga used the skill of collaboration to rewire/ solder the fan wires that we confirmed didn’t work. We used collaboration when (EVIDENCE) I stripped the wires and then held them in place where Borga was able to solder the cables. Once the cables were fully soldered I independently secured the connection in the bridge. After the connections were secured we successfully made all fans spin (EVIDENCE #2). https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-8IJIIPije2tEuVkHfmEiTLx060zFZDrxQtV5gUSIY0/edit?usp=sharing


Me and Borga used the skill of productivity. We made a lot of progress soldering the fans wire, currently we have 3 fans working and are trouble shooting to get the fourth spinning. (Evidence) My Job In this process was I stripped the wires as well as prepped the solder.


Me and Borga worked on wiring our fans to the Arduino and power unit. While soldering wires I observed that some of the wires were torn and non-functional. (EVIDENCE) I adapted around challenges by replacing the broken wires and Borga worked on soldering in the new ones. (EVIDENCE #2) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UfJzwgoSY-arqKE-6Zs_eCM8cBZ4iPdcYWxGfftD3E4/edit?usp=sharing


(EVIDENCE) I have Participated in the development of the institute by creating tweets updating the WISRD viewers about the Wind Tunnels progression and future plans. (EVIDENCE#2) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VEfLWfy-98WGSiKFSOlwW7uL_cI3eBII00XAiF6Z03A/edit?usp=sharing


Me and Jackson worked on the skill of productivity today. We were able to revise the test section and construct the wooden legs that will hold it in place.


Today me and Borga have used the skill of safety when soldering wires connecting the fans to the breaker.


We have made progress wiring the fans. This week I used the skill of safety when using a box cutter to adjust the size of our cones.


In wisrd we have started wiring the fans.


This week is wisrd we have started designing a way to measure laminar flow with yarn. We used wood glue to connect the yarn.


This week in WISRD me and the wind tunnel team sealed the box air tight using a caulk gun. Me and Jackson worked together to thread a metal piece that will be a way to rotate our air foil, we also cut and thread a metal rod to hold out air foil and sensors. I have finalizing the fans positioning and frame by creating squares to elevate the Hight of 2 out of the 4 fans to ensure there isn’t any contact between the fans. I have also measured, and cut down the card board to fit the fans. This week in WISRD I have practiced the skill of independence, I practiced this when I was building the fans frame independently, swell as adjusting the cardboard air ram/ funnel. I have also practiced the skill of safety this week when I was using the proper safety equipment to drill and saw the fans frame swell as cutting the cardboard.


This week In Wisrd the wind tunnel team have made extreme progress. We have completely finished the outer and inner box. I worked on the skill of independence this week and took initiate to design the frame that holds our four fans.


This week in WISRD I practiced independence when cutting the internal frame wood to size swell as assembling it, which will act as a test section.


In wisrd I helped finish designing the inside of the frame for the wind tunnel.

The wind tunnel group has created a new design of the internals of the wind tunnel to jam air into a more precise perimeter.

12/ 18/21

This week in WISRD I have practiced independence and completed the construction of our external frame swell as sand it, while the other group members were absent.


This week the WISRD team and I worked on practicing cutting plexiglass glass for our internal test section. I practiced the skill of safety making sure I was using the proper safety equipment and performance of tools.


This week in the wind tunnel group I have helped make progress on the design, we have complete more than half of the external frame.


The wind tunnel group has starting constructing the frame of the new design.


I have completed my wisrd inquirer on food and cognitive health.


After testing the wind tunnel group has decided to redesign the wind tunnel for better air flow and a safer design.


I have written evidence of my research on aerodynamics.


The wisrd group has successfully set up all four fans and motors.


The wisrd group has successfully re wired 3/4 fans and motors.


I have began researching fluid dynamics to help the wind tunnel team understanding fluid dynamics and the impacts of an air foil.


I finished recoding the Arduino.


I have started to help re code the Arduino.


The wisrd group has started re wiring the wind tunnel fans. Today in class I demonstrated leadership by creating a map of how are wiring/ cable setup will look like.


I joined the Wind tunnel group in hope to help design and code.


So far a salinity, humidity, and temperature sensor have been programed through the Arduino by me. I was able to program these by following simple instructions from my partner Nick and Arduino interaction page. In the near future I hope to have a life feedback from all three sensors running through the wifi router by ethernet cable.


After doing my part on the Arduino I have passed over the rest of the project to my classmate Nick a much more experienced coder. I have taken up the task to 3d design a case for the Arduino on blender which will be 3d printed. currently i’m learning about blender and watching tutorials.


The hydroponics group is doing very well and have sucesfully wired water pumps to flow water throughout the tubes where the plants will grow.


Currently I have become farmiliar with blender and am extremely close to finishing my case for the Arduino.