I chose “Can Wildwood School theater sets be easily created and staged in virtual reality?”

I chose this because virtual reality really interests me, and enjoy designing things. I would like to try out virtual reality more than I have as of now. I also think it would be very cool to design a set in VR. The skills I could help contribute to this project are 3d modeling and being good with computers. The ideas for building sets are pretty much endless so it would be cool it makes them in VR and sees how they look in the new theater.


in the past couple of days, I have just finished designing and 3D printing parts for the hydroponic team. Basically what I designed is a cylinder for the hose so it doesn’t bend and prevent water from flowing. right now I am in the process of designing a stand for the Oculus headsets with the VR team, and we are working out what kind of design we want