Cameron Stephenson

Kai Steines


Using Arduino and basic circuitry, we are building a variable speed fan system that will provide wind for the wind tunnel project. The blades of the propellers are going to be 7 inches in diameter. The frame will consist of 1×1 plywood planks and consist hold 4 propellers. We will also be using the Cayenne interface for some of the later tools added on to the Arduino. Cayenne is a simplified version of the Arduino IDE that will provide an organized work space to collect data.


Week 5:

We are picking up the necessary parts this week and will begin the assembly process.

Week 4:

The frame design is finished and will begin the building process when the materials are available.

Week 3:

Kai has begun to design the frame that will hold the motors in the tunnel. We have decided to use plywood as the primary material for the frame due to its strength and lightweight. The frame will be made of 1×1 planks of various sizes.

Week 2:

Cameron is familiarizing himself with the Arduino IDE while Kai is working with Autodesk Circuits to work out the code and circuits for the Arduino.

Week 1:

We have just joined the wind tunnel group and have been asked to provide a system that can produce 11mph winds to pass through the wind tunnel after the straws. We will be using Arduino with the project to provide the ability to add on different tools for the wind tunnel team to use to collect data.