Here is the template for the new reflection model, the CV.


The WISRD Standards have recently been updated. They are now:

  1. Employs WISRD equipment safely and effectively (e.g., WISRD tools, measuring instruments, computers, etc.) (Convention, Connection)
  2. Utilizes WISRD resources and time efficiently and effectively (e.g., works with visiting scholars, effective time-management, meets deadlines, etc.) (Convention, Collaboration, Common Good)
  3. Collaborates with other WISRD members (Collaboration)
  4. Publicizes and brands their work with appropriate media (e.g., posters, social media, public events, etc.) (Evidence, Perspective, Ethical Behavior)
  5. Develops and employs techniques, understandings, and skills as needed in WISRD work (e.g., developing math skills, conducting background research, training on a new technique, etc.) (Convention, Evidence, Connection)
  6. Writes clearly, concisely, and cogently for WISRD publications (e.g., white papers, Inquirer article, Journal articles, etc.) (Convention, Evidence, Perspective, Connection)
  7. Participates in the development of the Institute (e.g., budgeting/funding, running a lab, making proposals, etc.) (Perspective, Common Good)
  8. Demonstrates leadership/management skills (e.g., on projects, committees, the board, etc.) (Perspective, Connection, Common Good)
  9. Shows initiative, independence, and self-reliance by embodying the institute model (completes reflections, proposes solutions, initiates research, etc.) (Common Good, Ethical Behavior)
  10. Practices lifelong learning skills (e.g., open mindset, curiosity, initiative, willingness, etc.) (Perspective, Connection, Collaboration, Ethical Behavior)
  11. Adapts to challenges. (Perspective, Connection, Collaboration, Ethical Behavior)
  12. Displays an innovative mentality (e.g., solves problems, creates novel solutions, repurposes solutions, etc.) (Perspective, Evidence, Connection)