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~An Epic Medieval Adventure~

 Project Members: 

Will    Cameron    Remy    Kai   Jesse 

OUR MISSION: “combining virtual reality and the humanities to create an interactive and immersive educational experience”


So what’s Project?

Designing and creating an interactive historical setting with NPC dialogue. With the capability to passively convey the customs, culture, technology, and economy of the 13th century Europe.


How is it made?

A tale of two brothers is created using the Unreal Engine 4.

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Disclaimer: This project is constantly changing, so information on this page is subject to change at unexpected times. Please be patient, as the team is constantly working to provide you with updates on our latest progress on the project. Thank you.

So What’re Our Research Objectives?

One of the first VR RPG projects that hasn’t been ported from a previous project

  1. Build an interactive questing system that adapts to user actions within the environment

  2. Create a dialogue system that is based on NPC personality, and user actions within the world and with other NPCs

  3. Create a historically accurate environment that reflects customs and architecture from the time period (The War of the Roses)

  4. Write an original story and create an immersive user experience based off of that story

Location of Assets: N/A (yet.)

Take a look at our progress so far

Picture 1

Picture 1: A view of “the village”, where most of the player interaction with AI characters will take place.


Picture 2


Picture 3

Date Progress
October 27, 2017 Project start
November 7, 2017 First person character made usable
November 9, 2017 Preliminary lighting
December 5, 2017 Roam capabilities completed and lighting rebuilt
December 22, 2017 3D Model Weapons Completion
January 8, 2018 AI system uploaded to server
January 22, 2018 AI dead function reclassified, accounting for gravity
January 27, 2018 Used logarithmic functions to design audio systems
January 28, 2018 Perfected arrow physics

Additional Information and Legal:

We kindly ask that you do not copy or reuse any of our images (that are taken of the project) in any commercial or personal projects without the expressed written consent of all members involved in the project. WISRD RPG TM 2017-2018, all rights reserved. WISRD RPG is a project created by The WISRD Computer Rendering and Virtualization Lab, a subsidiary of Wildwood Insitute for STEM Research and Development (WISRD) and Wildwood School, Los Angeles. For additional information regarding the Computer Rendering and Virtualization Lab and the Insitute itself, please contact the Director of Communications of the Wildwood Insitute for STEM Research and Development Board of Directors.