Description: We are running the server off of Windows Server Pro 2012. We are running active directories and roaming for all members.

To do list:
Need weather station set up on server
Need weather station set up on-line
Need weather data to stream to


External IP is set up. Restructured the local network placing port on the east wall instead of the west wall. Apache, php, and MySQL are all running. Working to install WordPress and transfer files to new server. Joe will set up DNS server to point to the correct URL. Simone will develop a white paper on LogMeIn deployment and video feed options.


I set up the bootable USB but have had trouble installing the server onto the ssd. It wants MBR formatted disk and the ssd is¬†GPT. I am now trying to use DISKPART command to CLEAN the drive and do a fresh install. DISKPART runs in the cmd prompt. I see all the drives when I LIST Disk. You then have to choose a drive with SELECT Drive=[n]. I’m doing a CLEAN ALL with the hopes that the drive will be acceptable to the server install.

That did it. I am copying files to Kingston SSD. Once OS is installed the plan is to set up the three SATA drives as a RAID array. Then we can load Apache, MySQL, and PHP. RAID 5 Array is set up.


Today we are attempting to reinstall Windows Server 2012 R2 on the server computer. I am creating a bootable USB for Windows Server 2012 using a program called “ISO to USB”. Not my favorite for the job, but certainly the most timely. Got a chance to fire up the new Recon computer (very snazzy). Most likely the actual installation will take place on Monday, as we wasted quite a bit of time trying to track down a bootable DVD that never existed.


Simone here. Joe has asked me to focus more on getting Apache running on the Server before we go further into roaming profiles and whatnot. After a very confusing readme file, I found myself installing DOSBOX. Well, when in Rome. I downloaded a copy of DOOM to make sure DOSBOX works. It did. Admittedly, in hindsight, this was not the best use of my time.


A Dummy roaming profile has been procured, and has had it’s desktop changed. Today, we will be testing whether or not this loads on the other Windows 10 Consoles. Even further, seeing if they will work on older computers such as Windows 7 or XP.

Simone, we need to set up “folder re-direct” and LogMeIn. I’m getting the external IP address today.

Base users have been created for every member. They will login with their email as their username (minus, and their password as their place on the member roster (in their grouping) preceded by “wisrd”.

In example, a user who’s email is, who is on line 03 on the member page, would login as follows. They would find a connected PC, choose other user, enter username as johns20, and password as wisrd03. After doing this, they would be able to change their password to something personal, such as “CoolGuy12345”. In the future, they will login as johns20, CoolGuy12345.

When creating your new password, you must adhere to the complexity policy. The current Windows Server 2012 Password Complexity Policy is a 10 character string featuring 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number.