November 14, 2019: Flipping the Knuckle

Today I ran into a problem with my 3D printed prosthetic hand. When I pulled one of the tensioner strings the fingers would not bend all the way and kept sticking. I looked at a few pictures of the raptor reloaded prosthetic hand and realized that the knuckles were attached incorrectly.

November 18, 2019: Pulling Strings

Even after flipping the knuckles around on the prosthetic hand the fingers were still not bending to their full potential. When 3D printing the knuckles I printed them with support meaning there was added material to the underside of the knuckle. This added material was stopping the string from arranging in a position that allows for the fingertips to be pulled completely. I cut away the excess material, after that the fingers were able to bend smoothly.

November 22, 2019: Wrist Pins

The pin where the wrist and arm connected felt a little loose so I used a … to measure the length of the pin and the point where the wrist and arm connect. After that, I reprinted the wrist pin to a shorter length and found it was a much better fit.

December 6, 2019: Finished Prosthetic Hand

The prosthetic hand is finished.