8/26/21: This is my first journal on the site. This is my first in year in WISRD as well. I haven’t officially made a decision of what group I will choose, but I am thinking of hydroponics and maybe something involving code, but hydroponics seems very interesting. Very excited to see where this goes!

8/31/21: I have decided to join hydroponics. I have dedicated today to getting up to speed on what hydroponics have done in the past and the group’s plan for the future. Their mission to find out the max amount of salt the soil can take before it is unable to plant.

9/15/21: The group has made tremoundous progress over the past two weeks I have not been journalling. We all finished our decided task and began to start to improve the current state of the project. We have gotten our machine to began and we are now filtering the water, as it is full of dirt. We see ourselves disposing of the old water with the new and cleaning the tubes.