2/17/21: I have helped out attempting to get the salinity sensors. I have been getting more water distilled for the group. I have set up the aluminium for the group to prevent algae.

1/12/21: I helped with distilling more water for my groups lab. I also informed the group on how sunlight should mirror the time of sunlight in the San Joaquin Valley to get optimal results.

1/5/21: I have given the three plants their nutrients, which consist of 10mL of Bud A and Bud B.

12/17/21: I worked with tech to get the camera live streaming the plants back on. There were problems with the port, which we uncovered. I also planted three plants in the lab. I also have been trouble shooting the water sensor to get it to finally work.

12/5/21: I have met with Joe to discuss my narrative and a gave a job performance. I see in the future working with Nikita to finish to water sensors. We also discussed new ways to get out tweets to the greater masses of people.

11/19/21: The base of my vitae is completed. We have nearly completed distilling all of the water. I plan for Hydroponics to move forward at a exponential like rate from here on out.

11/11/21: I have continued to work on my vitae. I plan to have completed it by the end of the week.

11/8/21: Today we will have our WISRD Poster Session. I am enthusiastic to share what the group has been working on thus far.

10/25/21: I have completed the data regarding the distiller. I have concluded that large change will not come from running the distiller more than one time. Also, I can start running the distiller to fill the lab.

10/18/21: I have been taking the conductivity of the water that we distilled to measure how effective the distiller is. I am testing how much the conductivity goes down after distilling. I am also testing whether the conductivity is changed when we store the water in plastic versus glass. These results will be important in determining how we store the water. I have been using PASCO to record the data, the records conductivity.

10/5/21: The water distiller has caused some issues, but once the lab is filled with fully distilled water then it will be ready to run.

9/28/21: The lab is now in ready condition. We currently are waiting for distilled water for the lab. The butterhead lettuce is growing, as it was recorded to be an 1 and a half inches.

9/22/21: I have made my first tweet on the WISRD account displaying the progress of our project. You can find the tweet here

9/15/21: The group has made tremendous progress over the past two weeks I have not been journalling. We all finished our decided task and began to start to improve the current state of the project. We have gotten our machine to began and we are now filtering the water, as it is full of dirt. We see ourselves disposing of the old water with the new and cleaning the tubes.

8/31/21: I have decided to join hydroponics. I have dedicated today to getting up to speed on what hydroponics have done in the past and the group’s plan for the future. Their mission to find out the max amount of salt the soil can take before it is unable to plant.

8/26/21: This is my first journal on the site. This is my first in year in WISRD as well. I haven’t officially made a decision of what group I will choose, but I am thinking of hydroponics and maybe something involving code, but hydroponics seems very interesting. Very excited to see where this goes!