Today I finished a paper and I am now going to work on the writing pieces for our poster. Reid and I have also been working on a new wiring kit for the wind tunnel.


Two days ago Reid and I got all of the  fans working and we are now working on a new plan for laminar flow. We are also wait for another lab mate to calculate wind speed with the bread board contraption he made. We are also working on a 3d printed laminar flow nozzle that would replace the straws that we are currently working with. Then we will plan out a way to make the fans not hit each other when we stop and start the windtunnel.


For the past months Reid and I have been working on fixing the anemometer, which was harder than we thought it would be, and now calibrating the anemometer. The calibration curve we got was straight but not perfect. This is most likely from the friction and air resistance. We are currently fixing the motor.


Today Reid and I have started to graph the m/s and voltage that the anemometer out puts. We also learned that our anemometer was broken yesterday. So, today we are fixing that and graphing our outputs. We are now finishing up the fixing of the anemometer and plan to be able to have it ready by next class.


For these last few weeks Reid and I have been working on the Arduino. We had some problems with the code and then we were not able to figure out where the wires go. However today I think I finally put all the wires in the right places. However because Reid isn’t here today I have no way to test the motors. However I am optimistic that we will succeed. Also today I was looking for cameras for Molly and Myles. Molly told me that she has an iphone 10 which can shoot at 1080p at 240 fps. We will use the phone to record the launches from now on.


Yesterday we did a test launch. It didn’t go so well, but I learned a lot about how we set up the rocket. The problems we had were the screw fell out of the bottle and so the psi never built up and this caused the water to flood into the tube. Today I plan to help Reid while Molly and Myles figure somethings out.


Today we created a new rubber stopper by using the drill stand and a box cutter. The new stopper is smaller for the new nozzles.  We still have to print the other 2 nozzles I designed but we are waiting for a test. We also are 3d printing multiple new chains as we lost the one we had during a test. We are also starting to prepare for a rocket launch during the test.  


Today I am working on the different nozzles. The nozzle we have at the moment fits on the bottle and stays on. We have only 3d printed one as we first need to solve the problem on hand. We realised that we can no longer use the rubber stopper so we need a 8mm x 10mm O-ring or a 6mm x 8mm O-ring to actually fit on the air compressor extension. The pros to the new nozzles is the small size of the exit hole. This is because all of the air/water will be pushed through a small, but not to small, hole which will make the bottle rocket have more force. The cons are that the water will spend more time in the rocket which may bring a problem. However we are very optimistic.


Today I started working on the Aerodynamics project with Molly and Myles. I am working with the bottle rocket and I am trying to make a laminar flow nozzle to create a better flow of air/pressure. I am doing this by using 3D printing and using older designs and building off of them. I am also working with Myles to create multiple designs.