A little bit of background on the institute.

The Wildwood Institute for STEM Research and Development (WISRD) at Wildwood School consists of five areas of study. We encourage overlap and collaboration with many people working in more than one area.

We particularly look for interesting ideas that cross over multiple areas of study to develop new understanding and potential "spin offs." True to our mission statement, we also develop STEM curriculum/activities from our research and studies that can be used by educators and parents.
“We all have questions about something. WISRD gives us tools to find answers for ourselves”~Ihsan T.
These activities, by their very nature, come from research situations that provide "real life" contexts for curriculum topics.

Remy Wood


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Max Staples

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Program Director

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J. A. Wise


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From the COO

"Founded in 2014, the Wildwood Institute for STEM Research and Development (WISRD) is a group of students, faculty, and professionals focused on contributing to the understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through research, lectures, and presentations. In addition to research and innovation, members of WISRD take seriously their responsibility to inform the community of developments in STEM related fields of study. Members of WISRD are committed to making STEM accessible for all. "
~ Joe Wise, COO