To Do/ Update 1/10/22

As seen previously, with our last headset, we ran into various altercations that we ourselves came up with solutions for. With our new headset, Epoc X, we have run into similar issues, now using our known knowledge and expertise to overcome faced obstacles.  We are currently improving the connectivity in the Epoc X headset by soaking the felt pads for 20 minutes in saline before use to strengthen the resistance between the felt pads and the sensors in the headset to improve connectivity.  We hope that with this extended amount of time, hopefully the sensors won’t dry quickly as trying to properly adjust the headset accordingly. We have both made a tweet with this influential progress, along with a picture of how we ran our solution towards our experiment.

To Do/ Update 12/5/21

Honor and I have received the Emotiv Headset and set up the new Emotiv X headset. Assembling the headset was a smooth easy process, however we once again didn’t receive much data from the headset. The data we did see however, was the highest amount of data recorded as we received a percentage of 67. From this collected data, we eliminated and created possible solutions to help us get a full 100% of connect quality.

To Do/ Update 11/16/21

After submitting an approval agreement, Honor and I were admitted to buying the headset. Along with granting access for the approval agreement, we were also granted funding from Wildwood to place the order. Therefore, we have placed an order for the Emotiv X headset.

emotiv process order receipt

To Do/ Update 11/15/21

Based on previous attempts to receive credible, accurate data from the Emotiv Headset, Honor and I have come to final conclusion of buying a new headset. We tested in multiple places, changed variables that could possibly interfere with receiving data from the headset, and have watched instruction guides on how to setup the headset. With all of these adjustments, changes, and efficient repairs, me and honor were not able to receive full 100% connectivity connection nor contact quality. We are currently waiting on approval from emotiv in order for us to move through with buying the headset.

To Do/ Update 10/12/21

Today Honor and I presented our WISRD Emotiv Poster. It was a great presentation that many parents found interest and curiosity towards. We got many amazing questions and even possible donations to our experiment process and development. From this point forward, we will figure out how we can gather more donations and probably get our project across to more Wildwood parents and guardians.

Follow-up: Lab Outcomes

So far during our research lab we have gone through the process of setting up our lab. With our research plan, we have developed a list of notes on errors, and where to move on from those errors. Since we came up with our research plan, we recorded and gathered a list of errors for further research discovery. The first step we started on was starting and preparing the experiment. This process began with attaching felt sensors and soaking them in saline, this would enable the sensors to pick up clear, constructive data. However when we did this however the sensors were weak and didn’t pick up any connection to analyze the waves(refer to journal). We didn’t necessarily know why this misconception occurred so decided to work with a different headset to calibrate data. When we tried this new headset however, the same issue occurred; the connectivity stayed at 0. To resolve this recurring issue, we decided to test our experiment in the library; a space limited to electronic vitality. At the library, we were able to finally get a source of connection between the headset and data website. Although we were able to solve our issue, honor and I were finally able to see viable accurate data waves! We tried a brain test, which consisted of making face expressions that the website would replicate. Based on the data honor and I recorded we discovered, the waves were beta. This means that honor, (who was testing the headset) was awake, and excited which she was, due to the fact that we were able to get the headset to display data. Although we ran into many errors, with productivity and determination we were finally able to reach a point to see actual, accurate data!

To do/ update : 9/20/21

  • We tested the emotiv headset and got positive feedback, we got some waves from the headset; possible data for further research toward stress levels and how it has an impact on the brain. 
  • We didn’t get to install all of the sensors into the headset due to the fact that the majority of them broke, however we were able to get the majority of them to connect. This resulted in us gaining some data and running a few brain tests.
  • For further research and lab work, we need to buy new sensors that will replace the ones that were damaged. Once we do this, we can move on to collecting data, writing our research paper, and beginning on our lab poster.

Based on the data we collected, the waves were beta. This means that honor was awake, and excited which she was, due to the fact that we were able to get the headset to display data.

To do / update : 9/13/21

  • We tested emotiv epoc flex in the library, we were getting some connectivity however, the percentage stayed at zero. We think that honors hair was the issue because the sensors were not able to reach her scalp; where the waves would pick up
  • Next time we will be trying the other headset, which is more accessible to hong, thick hair similar to honors.
  • We will test it in the library, wet the sensors with saline, and maybe try to fix the broken sensors with glue??? Something that wouldn’t make an impact on how the sensors functioned.

Research Plan


  • Studying the way high school students respond to stress, specifically looking for a signal that would indicate the onset of stress
  • A. Identify the onset of stress using E-Motiv 
  • B. Develop a feedback loop 
    • Test if feedback loop can be used to interrupt the onset of stress
  • C. Miniaturize equipment to make it wearable
  • D. Test levels of child & teen stress in classrooms and school settings


  • Acquire a strong baseline knowledge
  • The basic physics connected to collecting EEG waves
  • Neuroscience
  • Collect data
  • Write/create a publication

Lab Updates

To do 9/10/21 :

  • Measure and record EEG waves
  • Start to make small bullet points with possible ideas for hypothesis
  • Attach felt sensors and soak in saline: we did this however the sensors were weak and didn’t pick up any connection to analyze the waves, may might have to buy new sensors
  • Research to build a hypothesis