Formally relinquishing timeline format and utilizing progress notes, with simple -‘s and spaces



Week 2: I work on making sure the code will be successfully executed and works.

Week 1: I am sick for a week


Week: 4 I work on SSH and successfully SSH.

Week 3: I study the logs detailing the process of the original team, and see if there are any problems I should face.

Week 2: I successfully download and operate VNC work on getting accustomed to the files and code.

Week 1: I start downloading and utilizing a VNC viewer and an SSH tool, in order to be able to access the NUC at any time.




Week 3:

Week 2: I work on the Booting order of the NUC due to some problems. In addition, I start working more on Exoplanets and their properties, due to my interest.

Week 1: We discover and use a battery the previous team used, successfully booting up the NUC


Week 3: Poster Session occurs, I start working on more relevant code beforehand.

Week 2: I finish up my Poster.

Week 1: Informed of the Poster session, so I research my topic furthermore and start on my poster.


Week 3: Continued issues, but development within the setup of the NUC, such as automatic booting up after a power outage.

Week 2: I(Colin Fields lefts the project at this point) power the motherboard, but there are malfunctions with booting up ubuntu on the NUC.

Week 1: We start working on the power system of the Telescope, due to the 12V and 3.4 amp power system for the Computer(referenced as NUC in the future).


Week 3: Discussions

I contact my partner, Colin Fields, and educate myself on what I am working on.

Week 2: Development

This is the time when I have to decide what I want to do, and I see PANOPTES, in which we are working with CalTech to create a telescope.

Week 1: Introductions

Beginning of the Year, I start with the Glowforge- a laser printer utilized in imprinting wood.

Problem Log/

Ubuntu won’t load

Problem 1:

 – Changed boot-load order

– won’t boot up the main page anymore

– attempting to reset the boot-loading order


 – power fixed

 – losing issues after booting malfunction

 – using a 12V battery

 – coding may require updates

 – work on Ubuntu coding 

Problem 2:

– “Connection Refused”

– Timed Out


– Plug in and Charge Battery

– connect through the monitor, mouse, and keyboard

– Check things such as ssh, housetop, eat

– a problem found in the lack of an ssh server

– most likely due to the update of Ubuntu

– new update available

– update now, so as to not have to download servers again, and download OpenSSH servers later

Problem 3:

– Error saying “Problem in software, log in again”


– Turn of N.U.C

Problem 4:

– Blinking text cursor in the top left

– No input works


Step By Step Basis

Alt, Tab, F4

sudo apt-get purge lightdm
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lightdm
dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

Sudo shutdown -r

You can and now to the end(-r now) to do it instantly

-Log Back in

SIGNIFICANT NOTE: A file with information of paramount importance can be found on PANO_15 Unit

On the Panoptes folder there is a file called README.rst, which gives coding information on how and what to download, utilize, delete, ignore, ect. In a concise form, make sure to check the README.rst file.`

SIGNIFICANT NOTE: Make sure to update as many times as possible, as on update will not update them all

Updates are performed through the usage of the “Software Updater” app, and require admin access(WISRD Password)

SIGNIFICANT NOTE: Make sure to be attentive to the interface, as it often requires passwords, restarts, or interference

Use google or a trustable online tool to download or enable content for Ubuntu, such as in Problem 4

Problem 5:

– Can’t access OpenSSH through “ssh localhost”

– Downloading OpenSSH after numerous updates does not work

Problem 6:


First day of work in year two of WISRD. I am reviewing Twitter and am thinking of a new approach to my White Paper. In addition, the hardware for PANOPTES has been separated and I will need to find a new place for them, most likely in some corner like last time.


Second Day, all or most of the previous resources are in stock, but the materials have been rearranged and I will have to get permission for a new monitor, keyboard, and mouse.






I have been sick at home for the past two days and wish to continue taking stock of progress and materials, in order to avoid more detrimental regressions that would be caused by missing progress later on. After that, I think the most plausible continuation would be to either scout for further members in other blocks or start booting up the programs(which would require the finding of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse). I am worried that further updates will hinder the programs I have made and cause some regression in that department.

Done with the day, I have completed the survey and things seem to be in order. Thankfully, I have obtained a charger for the Battery and enough power cables for the mainframe. However, I believe I am missing some cables for the weather center on the Unit itself.


After a large number of resets and updates, the visual interface of unit I operating


We finished the script, the instructions, and the recording of the video for Hour of Code, using Screencastify and a slideshow I believe we have an understandable video.


After a mistake, I realized that recent loggings into the journal have not been saved. I will attempt to rewrite them from memory. Today, I am going to attempt to collect some more spirulina from the neuroscience tank. That way, we can grow some more in a well-lit, controlled environment. I am also considering utilizing a grow light(which I just asked the name of). And It turns out we already have plenty of them.


Today I am going to focus on getting more practical work done, including logging, making notes, and streamlining methods to do so.