Week 2: I work the on the Booting order of the NUC due to some problems. In addition, I start working more on Exoplanets and their properties, due to my intrest.

Week 1: We discover and use a battery the the previous team used, successfully booting up the NUC


Week 3: Poster Session occurs, I start working on more relevant code beforehand.

Week 2: I finish up my Poster.

Week 1: Informed of the Poster session, so I research my topic furthermore, and start on my poster.


Week 3: Continued issues, but development within the setup of the NUC, such as automatic booting up after a power outage.

Week 2: I(Colin Fields lefts the project at this point) power the motherboard, but there are malfunctions with booting up ubuntu on the NUC.

Week 1: We start working on the power system of the Telescope, due to the 12V and 3.4 amp power system for the Computer(referenced as NUC in the future).


Week 3: Discussions

I contact my parter, Colin Fields, and educate myself on what I am working on.

Week 2: Development

This is the time when I have to decide what I want to do, and I see PANOPTES, in which we are working with CalTech to create a telescope.

Week 1: Introductions

Beginning of the Year, I start with the Glowforge- a laser printer utilized in imprinting wood.