Our Digital Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy (DSPIRA) group is working to use radio telescopes to measure hydrogen distribution and movement in the universe. We have one working telescope and another in the process of being built.

Primary Investigator: Allyson S

Members: Sid Z, Roman C, Lukas P

Past Members: Max A

Collaborators: West Virginia University Radio Astronomy Instrumentation Lab (WVU RAIL), Glen Langston (NSF), Greenbank Observatory

Joe: I checked and tightened all of the connectors. We don’t seem to have any trouble with the connectors. Our trouble comes at the USB port for the AirSpy. Every now and then, the PI does not see the AirSpy. I go out and remove the USB connector and plug it back in. Works every time so far.
Recalibration finished at 3:45 PST.

Did anyone delete, copy or otherwise get rid of the *.hot files? I did an LS and cannot find any.

I have put the telescope on the stand built by Emile.
I am recalibrating now.
I will try to move files off the PI using SSL after I finish calibration.

Calibrated 9:15 AM PST (Joe)

Dr. Langston:
All your data from Nov 18+19 look excellent!
The commands I use are:
T 3600. *20-11-18T0*
T -B 3600. *20-11-18T*
T -B 3600. *20-11-18T*
T -B 3600. *20-11-18T*.hot *20-11-19T*.hot

The spikes are due to the 1420 MHz in the AIRSPY

Dr. Langston:
I did some tests on my horns and found an issue, but not
sure if it is related.

I did a git pull again on your telescope and restarted, but
your data looks very good.

Here’s a plot from WISRD#1. Note that the intensity is maximum
when the galactic latitude is close to zero.

That’s great, as it means both the clock and the telescope coordinates are good.

Let me know if you have any other issues tomorrow.

Calibrated 11/17/20 Joe W.
Collecting data 5:00 PM PDT

Dr. Langston:
I’ve tried to isolate the angles problem (For longitudes < -90) in the code
and found there were already functions that did that.

I’ve installed the code on your computer (with a git pull).

I think some of your older data still need to be FIXed for
errors in transcribing the longitude.

This is done with

FIX -RE -LO -118.39

After that all the files that have a low galactic latitude, within +/-10 Degrees of the plane, should show the strongest signals. If not, then something is still not correct with the coordinates.