Miana S.

The engine project uses the deconstruction and reconstruction of a 1980 Honda XL80s motorcycle engine in order to teach various concepts around how internal combustion engines function and how to use various types of machinery involved in the deconstruction/reconstruction.

The engine was partially disassembled, missing parts, and generally in very poor shape when I received it. I fully took it apart, cleaned everything, replaced the gaskets and other missing parts, had the cylinder rebored, replaced the piston, did a lot of other miscellaneous work on it until it is now fully reassembled. In the process, I got to work with Gene Thomason (also a speaker in our lunch lecture series) who taught me how to operate a mill and a lathe and helped with the reconstruction process.

The eventual goal is to get the engine running again, which we are somewhat close to achieving. The ignition system and the fuel intake and exhaust systems still need to be built before the engine will start running. Once it is running, WISRD has considered using it in a rickshaw, a motorcycle, a gocart, or perhaps even a mono-wheel.