Current active paper (permission required)

Tue Aug, 23

My first day of WISRD: This was my first day of WISRD and I am just getting stared on deciding what project I’m interested in. So far engineering is really peaking my interest, but I am also interested in marine biology. I think it would be very cool to get into prosthetics.

Tues Aug, 30

This week I am working on a first prototype for my tentacle. Firstly I drafted out a drawing of the main components of my tentacle animatronic. I took inspiration from the site “my amazing world of animatronics “ I realized that the first main things needed for movement are varying sizes of disks. To create this I designed the sizing on a google slide, ad then learned how to transfer that information to the laser cutter where I got to admire it’s carbon laser. When printed I realized that the disks where wayyyy to small, which leads me to what i am doing today. Today I will begin to size up my disks.

Wed Sept, 14

After a week off from WISRD I am back and ready to work! I have learned how to use the glow forge and cut some varied sizes of disks. after receiving them I realized that about half of them are way to large. I need to make many more disks that are smaller and make the difference in size of each one increase at a slower rate. today the plan to to begin research on the movement of the tentacle and how I can you a muse motion sensor to make the tentacle grab thing be a fist is made and release when the hand it still

tues oct. 3

These past weeks in WISRD, I have figured out how to use a muscle sensor and an ardweeno curet. I used a bread board and hooked it up to the censor but sadly when trying to get the info to appear on the computer it didn’t work. Today the disks we printed and done so I’m going to try to get the correct numbers to paper on the screen.