THE C:\\ Drive has gone mad! Whenever a file is deleted it is quickly replaced and any edit is immediately overwritten it seems as if SOMETHING is bringing files back to the C:\\ Drive. I will experiment more to find the source of this problem. Plan: Move install location of files to D:\\Drive. Then move the original files to the drive. As well as solve the problem of the the Megabytes being lost 10 at a time.


We have started working on using the sensors. We are still unsure about how the Jetson works and why it was bought. But the project is going fine so far.



I have written a basic written tutorial on the tools needed for Masterpiece VR and overhauled the page of Masterpiece VR to be more visible.


We have started to experiment more with Masterpiece VR. It is a very strong tool for the creation of 3D objects. Some complaints were that in the creation of very detailed objects it falls kinda flat unless there is a lot of work put into it. Besides that it is easy to learn and has excellent multiplayer rooms. I wish that there was a measure of dimensions but sadly there is not yet.


We have exported our first file for Masterpiece VR which I created. Haven’t made a lot of time to work on anthology but trying to get at it. Masterpiece is going along well with very little connectivity or interface problems.


Begun working on the thing for the anthology. Coming along well.


We have begun work with Masterpiece VR. This is an incredibly powerful tool allowing us to mold and model or 3D Objects easily. We are using this to build for the weather balloon. Me and Kai are working on breaking this tool in so we can use all the tools. I have gotten a new idea for my WISRD improvement project. We should have older users create guides for technology so that even when someone who knows the stuff leaves they can leave something for the new people allowing older and newer generations at WISRD to be at the same level of technology.



I have started to observe everyday life in WISRD and adding to my Improvements on the Institute Model. My additions include that idea that we have to increase organization and grouping. To start I believe that we should have a format for submitting ideas. While this seems to violate the principals of the Institute Model I think the opposite what I think it does is add to the focus on people specific subjects and reduce laziness. Each group needs a defined goal and job that they are working on right now. Maybe even having the goals and jobs to be written on a board. There is a definite divide in WISRD and this needs to be fixed, we need to recruit and get more leadership roles in WISRD this is just as important as any scientific project as this will allow us to achieve and focus more on the projects.


We need to stop our reliance on Joe. I think the most logical idea is that we have Joe not answer questions and provide definite and defined mentors that can assist without relying on Joe. The easiest way to start doing this is to EMPHASIZE THE USE OF ADDITION TO THE IT FOLDER. This is of the utmost importance, we need all individuals at WISRD know all the passwords and usernames. We have so many accounts and nobody can memorize that all.

Computer Organization

We need to have the computers organized. I would take up the job but nobody knows what is ok to delete and what isn’t the computers are almost to disorganized to organize. I will be starting on this task to enable all people to access all parts of WISRD. Computers are the most valuable part of WISRD, we need to make sure that they are super incredibly easy to use. This will stop groups from interfacing with the computer and solely interface with the research increasing are capacity to research.



I have begun on my Reflection and my improvements to the WISRD Institute Model. These are part of my ideas and thoughts surrounding myself and the relationship at WISRD. Meanwhile I will now describe my work on the AR and VR labs. I have participated in the setting up and use of the WISRD labs helping brainstorm and fix some problems. This is not enough in the incoming months I will be improving my journal use and VR AR work.

Reflection: https://docs.google.com/a/wildwood.org/document/d/1Xo9PtGoxirvG3fbQId_lCuSdxTFIvOFwbl_6fme3Llo/edit?usp=sharing.

Improvements to the Institute Model At Wisrd: https://docs.google.com/a/wildwood.org/document/d/1PYyQHb1r9OViZtuTfNliApIxTF0FsbsxOV9WbkdZ2Gc/edit?usp=sharing


I have been working with Kai on planning the VR room progress, I have decided to join this team to learn more about VR and coding, I will try and teach myself C#.  We are using MasterpieceVR to construct the balloon in a virtual space. We are using Engage to create the cancer cell in the virtual space.