Everyone in the ARVR group downloaded a mobile app called “PolyCam”. We used this app to all scan objects to attempt to get them into the Virtual space. I have scanned an object using the app and it is processing right now. I also am emailing somebody at FrameVR about sparkles in the Vr environment. In the future we plan to use the “PolyCam” to help achieve our goals of creating a virtual theatre. This would be very helpful to the theatre group because they struggle with space, so if are able to successfully improit objects from real life into VR, they could build full sets without the issue of being interrupted or even being in the space at all.


Today in WISRD I finished up the WISRD virtual gallery https://framevr.io/wisrd2. I plan on working more with this adding more posters, and some pictures of the groups.


Today in WISRD I continued to work on setting up a VR WISRD space, this space will have the posters that each project made, and some items from the respective projects.


Today in WISRD we made the discovery on how to get .stl files, and photos into the VR environment. We will continue to look for ways to import real life objects into the VR space. We also made a tweet on the WISRD twitter account.