I have made drawings for the design of the fluid dynamics lab system, which is the newest edition of the SRETB. There are new probes testing force, temperature, and pressure of the bottle throughout the launch. Drawings will be uploaded soon to the Aerodynamics page.


I am working on making sure the SRETB is working again. I am also re designing the force system and adding more probes.


I am working on making the force plates work in parallel. This will help get empirical data. After they work in parallel I will get them into the SRETB.


I am using the CNC to connect the force plates for the SRETB 3.0. Smaller hole .15″ diameter .14″ depth. Larger hole .310 ” diameter.


I have been working on understanding the air compressor and how to use it with the bottle. I have also been mentoring the wind tunnel group with their work on the anemometer.


I have been working on fixing the SRETB 2.0 and launch mechanisms. I will be continuing work on this lab and new ideas with the rockets.


I have been using the larger sports needle and it has been working mostly. The threads need to be a little deeper then it will stay attached to the air compressor. Myles and I will be testing a new launch mechanism.


I just drilled a hole in the rubber cork of our launch mechanism to fit the large sports needle Luke built. This will be used to launch the rocket with the correct PSI being used for this experiment. I finished the Anemometer poster and will be presenting at WISRD Spring Poster Presentations.


I am working on helping the Anemometer team finish the anemometer. I am also working on a poster for WISRD Spring Poster Presentations. I will present with Myles at an elementary school soon.


I am continuing my work on the anemometer for the wind tunnel, which will be done soon. The SRETB 2.0 has been calibrated and I will be continuing my research on the water to pressurized air ratio. In a few weeks, I will be presenting at an elementary school and at WISRD Spring Poster Presentation.

I am working on finishing the anemometer for the wind tunnel. I am also working on re-calibrating the force plate and finishing the SRETB 2.0. Myles and I will be going to the elementary campus to present our project in early May.

Myles and I have finished our first draft of our first article. We have been working on “The Engineering Design Process of the Static Rocket Engine Test Bed”. This article will be published soon. I will be working on finishing the wind tunnel then writing a paper on it.

Recently Myles and I have been working on writing the first of 3 papers in the series of Aerodynamics articles. We are over halfway done with this paper and hope to have it done soon. This article is on “The Engineering Design Process of the Static Rocket Engine Test Bed”. It will cover how we built and designed the SRETB. It will also cover many of the problems we have faced and built.

Last Monday Myles and I presented at WISRD Fall Poster Presentation and Lecture. We were able to reach out to large groups of people about what we are doing and what we hope to do.

I have figured out the steps I need to take to work further on this project. I will be testing to see the possible oscillation of the bottle as well as the exhaust velocity.

I am working again on the aerodynamics lab. Currently I am working on a 3D model for the STREB 2.0.

I have edited the launcher and static rocket engine test bed. The launcher is now a drop launcher. The launcher is a rubber cork with a sport needle, connected to an air compressor.

I am making edits to the static rocket engine test bed. There are now 4 poles to keep the rocket in place. Kai and Cameron have finished the wind tunnel fans. Myles and I are now using a launcher that is a rubber cork impaled with a sport needle.

Myles and I tested our rocket launching “facility” and will soon be making edits to it. Here is a link to our test.

On 11/14/16 Myles and I presented a poster at the WISRD Poster Presentation night. We were able to present our progress on the wind tunnel.

Now I am working on how to change our launcher to what we need.

I have just finished gluing all the straws into the wind tunnel. The straws are attached to one end of the wind tunnel to create laminar flow. Laminar flow is needed to correctly measure the aerodynamics of an object. Soon Myles and I will be able to attach fans and a smoke machine.

Today Myles and I planned out the wind tunnel I’m working on. Wednesday I will be attaching the door, handle, and latches to the tunnel.

Myles and I finished writing the updated overview for the aerodynamics lab. We have also started planning what we want to do with the lab and how to do it.

Myles and I are taking over the Aerodynamics project.