Honor D.

Canada Cunningham

Physiology Lab

PI: Honor Dodd

WISRD’s Physiology Research Group is using the Emotiv Epoc-x head set to monitor brian waves of highschool students to identify the early indicators of the onset of stress. We are working on designing a research project that would allow us to test the onset of adolecsent stress, specifically in highschool students to indetify specific triggers for stress that would occur in a learning environement. 

Contact: honord23@wildwood.org if you are interested in our lab

October 10, 2017

Update – We have set up the headset on a few people and have set up the Emotiv account. We have moved a digital box with EEG brainwaves by completing the following: we dowloaded the software, set up ‘push’ ‘pull’ and ‘neutral’ for the motion of the box (and later ‘lift’) with each one being linked to a different emotion (ex. neutral was a feeling of relaxation and pull was a feeling of anxiety/stress), and moved the box all around the screen. Our next step is to build a small play car and connect it to the headet, so we can use the same technique as above to make the car move.

October 5, 2017

The Emotiv software has been set up as well as a few games to play with the EEG headset on Elphaba computer. It can be found on the hard drive in Program Files (x86) in any folder named ‘Emotiv’


The Emotiv 3D Brain Activity Map software was installed today on the dumbledore network on the ‘Elphaba’ computer for future usage, this was done because the Elphaba is portable so we would be able to use the software in different places, giving us more mobility when working on projects. a video of the program being used can be watched here.

September 11, 2017

Today I tested the Emotiv headset on Eli L. Our goal was to see how the app works when connected to the headset and how to set it up. The content quality wasn’t great since we didn’t have a lot of solution to put onto the sensors, so today we will be getting more, so next time we can test it more efficiently. Our purpose of this lab is to figure out how we can use our Emotiv headset to monitor brainwaves during various experiments and learn more about the brain.

Joe’s Lesson:

Joe talked to us today, and showed us that brainwaves are just electro magnetic waves.  When the electrons in the brain are stimulated they move around more.  The speed in which they move produces a specific wave that is then recorded in a sensor that we can see the speed of the electrons.  The speed tells us the different types of brainwaves. (continued later)


A group of people have discussed studying brainwaves as a new project! We are coming up with a mission statement currently. We are open to anyone else who would like to join our group and who is interested in physiology and studying brainwaves. So far, we have been studying the different brainwaves, how the brain uses them and what they mean.