4/11/17 – Update #26

We are back from Spring break! Yesterday in class we are getting organized for the final semester. We have a poster presentation coming up and we just turned in our article for the magazine. We are going to continue our work with the hydroponics lab. Today, we planted our seeds and made our water mixed with the nutrients. We need to start planning for our poster. I will be posting again soon.


3/11/17 – Update #25

The hydroponics set has been set up! The base has been completed and the pump is in testing. The last thing to do is get piping for the bubbler. This is a huge accomplishment and I am super proud of all the work we have put into this! I have learned so much throughout this experience. I have learned so many facts about hydroponics and skills from working with such a large team. I am really excited to see where this project goes.

3/4/17 – Update #24

The pieces of the threading was lost or misplaced. That is why Bob went to go to get new ones. This has taught me a lot of different skills. We needed to problem solve because of the lost pieces. We had to brainstorm different materials we could have used. Also, this has taught me how to not get frustrated. I could have easily freaked out when the parts were lost, however I stayed calm. This is an important skill that I will definitely use outside the classroom.

2/23/17 – Update #23

This week while the PVC is getting threaded, Lucy and I have been able to hang the light. This was really difficult because we did not know how to hang it. We learned how to drill through metal. We found different types of tips for the drill. Not only did we figure it out what tip to use, but we got to see what tips we use for other occasions. For example, the tip that we used for metal, would not be the one that we use for wood. After a long time of drilling it is finally up! This week we need to focus on cleaning the hydroponics area and getting the PVC threaded. Lastly, Joe has asked that he sees the research. Let’s get it on the project page!

2/13/17 – Update #22

Joe has gotten us the PVC, so we are able to build the base. It is turning out great! We just started cutting the PVC. I think it should be done and put together by the end of the week. We are all really excited about it, and posting on the project pages and twitter.

2/9/17 – Update #21

I hope you all are enjoying our new website. I really like the new design! Thank you so much Aiden for all of the hard work. In the past few weeks I have done a lot in the WISRD community. I was able to meet with the board of WISRD. I am now part of the board. I will be working on WISRD development. I will still be focusing on the hydroponic project, however I will be more involved. Next week, I think I could be going to the WISRD retreat to help decide the future of the institute. I am now going to keep working on the project! I am excited!

2/2/17 – Update #20

Today was a construction day! We got a lot of work done during class. Below are some of the items that we built.

This first ting that we finished building was the fan. We put it together because it is important that the plants have a good growing climate. We now are going to need to mount the fan into the wall.

This is a picture of the light that we finished putting together. The next step in this item is to hang it. We are going to need to talk to facilities about that.

The last item that we built today were the plant holders and feeding system. These are the blocks that will hold the seeds and act like pots. Then the water connection will attach to the feeders and water the plants. A lot of great work has been done! Let’s keep it up team!

1/26/17 – Update #19


Now that the wood base has been completed we are preparing the tarp to be placed inside. In the photo seen above, we have measured out holes and we are cutting them. We are going to use these holes that are in tarp to nail them into the wood.


Since the holes are finished on the tarp, Nathaniel has started to nail in the tarp to the wood. I am really excited because now we can start working on the actual hydroponic system. I understand that this part of the project is really important. We did this because if it leaks or spills, we don’t have to worry about it. I am so happy that it is completed and I am ready to start growing!

1/20/17 – Update #18

This week we have been working on the base. We were able to cut all the wood and now we are putting it together. In this image below Ihsan, Maddie, and Lela are seen putting nails in, to hold it together. After this we will need to start putting the tarp inside. The reason why we will be putting a tarp in, is because the water could damage the wood. So, if the tarp is placed inside, there will be no water on the wood. This means that it could last for a really long time. I think this is a good idea because we will probably pass this project off to somebody at the end of the year. We need to make sure that the quality of all the materials are still in perfect shape like they are now.


1/17/17 – Update #17

Throughout this week we are working on building the base. Lela is going to pick up the extra supplies from GreenCoast. Joe is having us make a blueprint sketch for the base. As seen in the photo below, the blue tape represents the base of the model. This photo shows Maddie and Lela working on the sketches. I’m excited for another busy week!

IMG_06191/6/17 – Update #16

We have had a long and wild week back from break! We have gotten all the supplies for the hydroponics set. We went to GreenCoast Hydroponics and purchased the supplies. We are so excited to get working! There are many things that need to be done before we can start planting. First, GreenCoast doesn’t sell PVC, so the base of the set needs to be purchased and built. Also, two different supplies have not been picked up from GreenCoast. Lela will be picking them up when they are delivered to the store. Joe is working with Randy to help prepare the floor. This week we will keep up all the work and keep making progress on the hydroponics project.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 2.32.21 PM

12/14/16 – Update #15

I’m so proud that the hydroponics project has been approved! We have been granted $1000 to build the planter! This will be my last post before winter break. I hope everyone has a great vacation and a happy new year! The hydroponic team is looking forward to getting started on building in 2017!

12/9/16 – Update #14

I am working on my part of the project proposal right now. We will be presenting on Tuesday! Let me know what you think about the technical aspects section.

The hydroponic system will be placed under the stairway, located outside the library. This is the perfect location for the system because hydroponics function easier when placed indoors and in the shade. This type of planter that we will be building is known as a drip system. This means that the water will be set on a timer. Once the timer has been set off, the water will drip into each plant. The watering process could take over 30 minutes because it is dripping slowly into each pot. However, in every type of gardening situation the plant will not be able to absorb all of the water. That is why, a reservoir will be stored under the planter. Our design has a PVC base. It will be able to hold the planter on the top. Then, on the bottom is the reservoir tank that will store the leftover water. We are intrigued to do something with this water, so it will not just go to waste. The Hydroponics team understands that this is a very complicated design, so we have incorporated a photo to show you what it would look like.  

(See photo located in photo section)

To reiterate, as seen on the top, and being held in place by PVC is the planter. Then there is a pipe going from that planter and into the reservoir. Something unique about the design is that the reservoir is on wheels. It is easy to transport. That is why the location (under the stairway by the library) is perfect because it is close to an elevator. Also, the location has access to water, which is another really important aspect of this project. Lastly, we want to purchase fans and lights. This will be helpful to mimic the outside. We have measured below the stairway, and we know that these ideas can be built there. If you have any questions about the design please email the hydroponics team. We would be happy to discuss or answer any questions that you might have.

11/30/16 – Update #13

We have just emailed the board about meeting with them and presenting our project. This week we will need to get organized for our presentation. I think it is a good idea to create a power point. This will come off more professional and it will be easier to understand for the viewer. It is my goal to make sure that we keep updating the project page. I’m looking forward to another fun week in WISRD!

11/23/16 – Update #12

Thanksgiving Break

11/16/16 – Update #11

We just finished our poster presentation. It was super fun to meet new people who came to the convention and watch the speakers. I worked at my poster and got to talk about the Hydroponics project and our plan to expand the life science portion of the Institute. Currently, our poster is in the main hallway on the WISRD wall.

11/9/16 – Update #10

This week has been very busy. We are finishing up our poster. Today, we had a meeting with Joe and Loli and we went over edits for our poster. He would like us to get more detailed with what we are explaining. Yes, it is very long but it is to broad. We have long paragraphs that don’t explain what we are doing. We need to create an essential question. We will need to do this soon and send the edits in. Once we do this, we can start preparing for our poster presentation.

10/30/16 – Update #9

Lucy and I have turned in our article for the WISRD magazine. Our article is all about global warming. We have included our thoughts about how we can fix the problem and how we are making it worse. Currently, the article is being edited. Once it is finished, make sure you read the magazine! This week we do not have school on Monday and Tuesday because of conferences. This means that my group members will need to keep up with their own tasks. My plan for this week is to start making my budget plan. I need to review some of the information from my meeting at the Hydroponics center. I should look at what I need to buy, what I have, and what I can build. Once I do that, I can create my project proposal. I am really excited to talk about WISRD in my conference. Below is one of the many photos I have added from the class! Thank you so much to Loli for all the amazing photos!

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 9.08.04 PM

10/24/16 – Update #8

I recently just made a post on the Sustainability project page. I created an plan for everyone and what we need to do. I think this will be a good thing to follow. We will get going on finishing articles for the magazine, creating posters, and building our hydroponic garden. Cesar and Nathaniel are officially joining the Hydroponic Project. They will be making a lab to test, once the garden is built. They need to do this to show that it works and it is reliable. I am looking forward to it. Check below and on the project page to see our future plan.

Lela + Maddie:

Write their Article by Friday 10/28/16 and send it to Josie

Lucy + Reid:

Write their Article by Friday 10/28/16 and send it to Josie

Lucy + Lela + Nathaniel + Cesar + Reid:

Create 2 Posters by Monday 11/7/16 and send it to Joe


Do More Research and create a bibliography ASAP

Reid + Lucy:

Make a budget and plan. See the parts we have, what we need to get, and what we can build. ASAP

Nathaniel + Cesar:

Create their Lab ASAP



10/17/16 – Update #7

This week has been crazy. First, I went to the STEM convention in Anaheim.


I helped promote the WISRD program. I talked to lots of different people who were involved in STEM. Most of them were science and math teachers from other schools. I also helped run the STEM convention that we hosted at Wildwood. I helped people check in and get organized for their day. Lastly, I had a meeting with Joe. I got to talk about my Hydroponic project. We created a schedule on what needs to be done. Please look at the sustainability page under projects. This will show our progress. I will be posting more soon. This is a goal of mine.

10/9/16 – Update #6

We have been working very hard on our project. This week we have looked over our budget plan and started to think about different ways we can build the individual pieces. We are doing this because if we don’t, it will get very expensive. Tomorrow, we are going to a STEM convention in Anaheim. We will talk about what we are doing in the class, and about our project! I will be posting photos soon.

10/3/16 – Update #5

We have been making a lot of progress on the project! We had our meeting at the Hydroponics lab in Santa Monica. We got to see different systems that we could put in place. There were systems that needed lots of light, different amounts of water, and a range of air temperatures. The problem that we had was looking for the perfect system that we can put below the stairs in the library.


This hydroponic system is very complicated. This could be a goal in the upcoming years. The lights change colors every minute from yellows that are seen in the picture, and dark blues. This helps the plants grow. Next to the hydroponics are different tubes and wires to make sure that it is ran properly. IMG_0173

What we have decided to do for our system is using a drip system. This is a water timer that would automatically water the plants without using much water. This is a perfect beginner system becasue it is not too complicated, and it is easy to maintain. This week, I am going back to the drawing board. I have to do more research and talk with facilities to see if our idea can get approved. IMG_0172

This is what our goal would look like. Once we know more about it, I will do a post explaining all the different parts. I can’t wait for another fun week in WISRD!

9/16/16 – Update #4

If I could describe week #4 in one word I would say progress. This week, we accomplished so much. We are organizing our ideas. We are planning to go to GreenCoast Hydroponics in Santa Monica after school on Friday. Here is a photo of their store:


Lucy and I are having a consultation to gather more information for our project. We have taken photos of where we are planning to put the garden. This week is really important. I need to start planning for my meeting. I have to come up with questions, and I need to see what the group needs me to do. This project is evolving! I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

9/9/16 – Update #3

This week I was working on my project proposal. We decided that it is not a good idea to go straight to facilities if we don’t have all of our information together. So, we are brainstorming and doing research. This process could take a little while, but it will get us more organized. During week #4 I hope to talk to different people, and get their perspective on my project.

9/2/16 – Update #2

On Day #1 of the second week I worked on preparing the lab for our projects. I did this last week, but there was still some more organizing to do. We put pieces that we know we would use in different boxes. This will be very helpful because I will be able to use these materials and know where to find them, when I need them.

For the next two days that week I worked with Maddie, Lucy, and Lela on brainstorming ideas for our future projects. We have started to think about two different ideas. Maddie and Lucy are really into a Chicken project.


Their goal would be to see how temperature effects the growth of baby chicks. This is a really interesting concept becasue of what is happening in the world. They would relate it to global warming. Lela and I, also started planning another project. We thought it would be a really cool idea to start working on some urban gardening at the school. We are in the planning stages, but we have started our research.


We liked this idea and we thought we could use this on the deck. This week we will have to meet with facilities and start getting organized! All four of us have decided that we will work together on both of these projects!

8/26/16 – Update #1

During the first week of WISRD we were preparing the lab to work on our projects. We needed to organize different areas of the maker space. In the maker space there were a lot of old printers and computers that needed to be taken apart. The reason why we took them apart, was becasue we could use some of the pieces in our own individual projects. I was able to work with Lela, Maddie, Ihsan, and Lucy. Here are a few pictures of us throughout the week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.29.46 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.30.14 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.29.58 PM


The picture shown above are some of the parts that we will be keeping. These are fans from computers, wires from the printer, and much more. I’m looking forward to a good second week!

8/23/16 –  Learning Outcomes

I am so excited to be a part of WISRD this year! Since the program started, I have wanted to join. I am already looking forward to working on all the different types of projects that I have to choose from. I will have the opportunity to expand my learning in different topics and grow in different areas of the habits of heart and mind.

I have set two different goals for myself that I would like to work on throughout this year. My first goal, is that I want to become a better collaborator. (Habit of Collaboration) I believe that while working on projects, I can take the lead and not listen to everyones opinions. I can reach this goal by participating in different projects and working with different people.

My second goal that I have set for myself, is to try new things. By joining WISRD, I am on my way to reaching this goal. I don’t know much about the institute. This is why I have set this goal for myself. I want to force myself to join projects and work with people who I might not seem 100% comfortable with. I want to learn about topics that I have never even heard of before!

If I could complete both of my goals throughout WISRD, I know that I am going to have an awesome year!