Jan 12, 2022: I was taught how to use the PyMovie software.

Jan 4, 2022: The JWST successfully launched on Christmas Day. I tried to stay up for the event, but unfortunately fell asleep.

Last week the RECON group went to the top of the school to attempt to view an occultation. Unfortunately it was too foggy to see anything. The experience was a good learning experience however. I had my progress report/Vitae discussion.

Nov 28, 2021: RECON is going to attend an occultation event on Wednesday.

Nov 16, 2021: I have been working on getting my Vitae up to speed. The RECON group found a place to store the telescope are trying to get a tarp to put over it.

Nov 9, 2021: Last night was the WISRD poster presentation. For about an hour guests were allowed to wander around and check out the WISRD projects. After everyone went to the theater to listen to talk from Dr Olivier Guyon. Overall I think the night went well. Next time I personally might prepare better so that I don’t stutter as much and know the material better.

Nov 8, 2021: Poster presentations are today, all the WISRD groups are preparing to give the presentations.

Nov 3, 2021: RECON has been working on creating posters about the Occultation Event to present on Monday the 8th. Specifically, we are practicing our presentations.

Oct 25 2021: Last week I went on a trip with my fellow RECON members to the desert north of Las Vegas to view an occultation. The first two nights/days were reserved for practice setting up and using the telescopes. The first night we stayed in a parking lot, but the second and third night we drove out to our line in the desert. The third night we hit a few bumps in the road and weren’t able to collect data, but I still learned a lot.

OK. So for the past 2-ish weeks i’ve been working on various slideshows. The Lucy Slideshow is done, and now i’m working on the JWST slideshow. When I need to write about something new that I don’t fully understand, I search up the information I need to understand the given topic better. This way I also know about things for the future.

Sep 22, 2021: I have been in WISRD for five-ish weeks. I joined RECON, and…..yes. Im still Learning about what Im doing since its so early in the year, but seems like things are going well.