It all started when Alicia found a box of bones in her bio room. After determining that they weren’t human bones, Alicia had an idea. Our goal was to put together the skeleton for WISRD Wednesday during October. Alicia and Lexi started putting together the spine when Stella came along. She wanted to help out for that day, because she couldn’t work on her other projects at the time. This one day job for Stella turned into a 7 month project. Even though the starting purpose for the skeleton was not achieved, they learned an extraordinary amount about engineering and the human anatomy. They learned the struggles of engineering, how to start from scratch without a manual, and create something. We learned about the different parts of a skeleton, along with the weight distribution. Being two high school students, Lexi and Stella didn’t have a lot of experience and background on engineering. So, this project was a great introduction to engineering for them. They struggled greatly throughout this project, through building the spine, and finding ways to hold everything together. It was a struggle to keep the skeleton from falling apart. During this project, there was many times of defeat and loss of hope. Although, we persevered and ended up feeling very accomplished in the end. This project taught these girls that you can’t give up when times are hard. And, that if you keep pushing through it, you will persevere in the end. This project started as a box full of bones and then turned into a fully built skeleton.