October 14, 2019- germination station

We have officially decided to germinate both the little gem seeds and Malabar spinach seeds and based on their success in or environment we can make a final decision on which to implement into the lab. We have a hooded germination tray to keep a high moisture content a heating pad to keep the tray warm, we are still waiting on some insulation to place below the heating pad for safety and cost-effectiveness. Once the seeds sprout and begin to grow, based on how high and how much, and in the case of the Malabar spinach, as it is a vine, whether it will need external support systems and how doable is it. Once the tray is set up I’ll update again.

October 8, 2019- little gem lettuce vs malabar spinach

I spent most of today and yesterday doing research on little gem lettuce for hydroponic growing and comparing it to the Malabar spinach here is some of the bare-bones I’ve gathered-

Little Gem-—Asteraceae family, sunflower

HardinessNo zone is given, but fairly heat resistant, matures faster in heat though.
Soil temp40-75 F
temp60-70 F
Planting depth⅛-¼”
Germination 7-14 days
Height at maturity4-6”
Days to maturity45-80 days
Sun Full sun, 5 or more  hours daily
Water Ph6.0-7.5
Hydroponic Soil Clay is good but nitrogen supplements are usually necessary
Minimum germination %80%
FertilizerUnnecessary, it can be helpful when used very sparingly but it’s iffy based on soil comp. so we don’t need it 
Pest and disease controlAphids and slugs are the main killers so we don’t have to worry
ClimateSources said something like Ireland, a lot of moisture and pretty damp soil

Setember 16, 2019- posted on reddit

September 16, 2019 I posted on reddit asking for advice on hydroponic nutrient solution and haven’t received any advice yet, but under the topic of hydroponics I found a lot of helpful advice especially under the video I included below, the author was having issues with brown tipped plants and lots of the community members responded with possible problems and solutions, mostly nitrogen related, which could be helpful later on if we run into issues in the plants un-related to the water salination.

Setember 4, 2019- cleaning the setup

September 4, 2019 Since the hydroponics equipment is pretty dusty we are going to dismantle and clean all of the equipment, then I’ll focus on setting up and adjusting the caps on the tubes to seal and make sure they are completely waterproof.  I’m doing some research to find the nutrient solution, rooting for the spinach (clay pebbles?) and a coverage method to protect the roots in the clear tube(white plastic sheets are commonly used by professionals.

August 27, 2019- starting!

August 27, 2019 I’m officially part of WISRD! I’ve decided to join the ongoing hydroponics lab, I read through their past journals and the idea behind the lab seems really interesting as well as the method, the setup is great, but some things that may raise issues are bleaching from the light and water levels in the tubes, I think right now we are still finding how to root the plants in the system and I’ll hopefully have updates soon.