WISRD Board Members:

Honor D – WISRD Program Director
Esm̩ W РWISRD Board Program Director
Allyson S – WISRD Board Member
Zaniyah H – WISRD Board Member
Max A – WISRD Board Member
Sid Z – WISRD Board Member
Nnenna B – WISRD Board Member
Marley Z -WISRD Board Member
Canada C – WISRD Board Member
Kezie N – WISRD Board Member
Shayna B – WISRD Board Member

WISRD Members:

Roman C – WISRD Member
Dawson G – WISRD Member
Colin F – WISRD Member
Sam B – WISRD Member
Ridley S – WISRD Member, Treasurer
Coltrane R – WISRD Member
Lukas P – WISRD Member
Ivy S – WISRD Member
Jacob F – WISRD Member
Jadyn B – WISRD Member
Jake G – WISRD Member
Leo R – WISRD Member
Luca M – WISRD Member
Noam LV – WISRD Member
Will W – WISRD Member

TaliaT – WISRD Apprentice
MeyerV – WISRD Apprentice

Megan L. Noel – WISRD Chief Operations Officer
J. A. Wise – Founder of WISRD and Visiting Scholar
Bob Baker – WISRD Visiting Scholar
Dr. Joanie Banks-Hunt, Visiting Scholar
Scott Johnson – WISRD Visiting Scholar
Dr. Amielle Moreno – WISRD Visiting Scholar and Writing Consultant